The Bobbitt Family In America

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GEORGE WASHINGTON BOBBITT      1813 - 1892       Son of John and Nancy Bobbitt

George Washington Bobbitt was born on September 16, 1813 according to the family Bible. The census records consistently indicate that George was born in 1815. George was born in Grayson County Virginia, the fourth son of the six sons of John and Nancy (Nuckolls) Bobbitt. John Bobbitt, father of George died when George was five years of age. He was reared under the guidance of Benjamin F. and Mary L. Nuckolls, and lived on a plantation near what was then called Nuckollsville, Virginia.

George worked on the tobacco farms of Grayson County and frequently aided in taking wagon loads of cured tobacco to markets in North and South Carolina. We believe that on one such trip, George met Sarah Littlejohn in Spartanburg, South Carolina and married her in November of 1844. George and Sarah Bobbitt lived in Spartanburg for about eight years and the first two of their children were born in South Carolina. George and Sarah moved from South Carolina back to Nuckollsville, Virginia in 1852.

The family is best represented in the census of 1860 taken in Grayson County, Virginia. 

Family # 466.

George W. Bobbitt                  45    (1815)    Virginia 

Sarah (Littlejohn) Bobbitt        35    (1825)    South Carolina 

John Bobbitt                           14    (1846)    South Carolina 

Mary Bobbitt                          12    (1848)    South Carolina 

Thomas Bobbitt                       7    (1853)    Virginia 

Andrew Bobbitt                       5    (1855)    Virginia 

George Bobbitt                        3    (1857)    Virginia

For various reasons the census year of births do not agree with actual births or with Bible records. The Bible records of births of the children of George and Sarah Bobbitt are:

John H. Bobbitt               Dec. 25, 1845

Mary F. Bobbitt              Feb. 9, 1848 

William W. Bobbitt         Jun. 26, 1850 

Thomas M. Bobbitt        Feb. 12, 1853

Andrew T. Bobbitt         Jul. 18, 1856

George B. Bobbitt          Dec. 31, 1858


All the children except William, lived to maturity and were married. William died in Galax, Virginia on January 19, 1857.

There are recorded deeds in Grayson and Carroll Counties which show that George Bobbitt owned large tracts of land and numerous slaves. All indications are that prior to the war between the states, George and Sarah were wealthy.

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