The Bobbitt Family In America

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GREENBERRY BOBBITT      1845 - 1923     Son of Charles and Sarah Bobbitt

Greenberry Bobbitt was born in Grayson County Virginia in that section which later became Carroll County. He was born on May 1, 1845 the ninth son in a family of ten sons and one daughter. He was a son of Charles and Sarah (DeFries) Bobbitt, and a grandson of John and Nancy Nuckolls Bobbitt.

Greenberry Bobbitt preferred to be called Green B. Bobbitt. He was named after a great uncle, Greenberry McKenzie, although the name of Green and Greenberry as given names is common in the Bobbitt family throughout the various sections and branches of the family. Green Bobbitt was first listed in the 1850 census of Grayson County.

Family # 303, counted July 13, 1850

Nancy (Nuckolls) Bobbitt                 60     1790       Virginia


Family # 304

Charles Bobbitt                   43    1807    Virginia 

Sally (DeFries) Bobbitt       41    1809    North Carolina 

(Clifton Bobbitt)               (26    1824)  (Virginia)

Calvin Bobbitt                   22    1828    Virginia 

Alexander Bobbitt              21    1829    Virginia 

Andrew Bobbitt                 16    1834    Virginia 

Martin Bobbitt                   13    1837    Virginia 

George Bobbitt                  11    1839    Virginia 

Samuel Bobbitt                   7    1843    Virginia 

Joseph Bobbitt                    6    1844    Virginia 

Green Bobbitt                     5    1845    Virginia 

Polly Bobbitt                      4    1846    Virginia 

Peyton Bobbitt                   3    1847    Virginia


We think that this family lived in what is today called "Old Town" which was the first site of the courthouse in Grayson County. Living near to the Bobbitt family was the Bryant family.

There were so many members of this family living in or near Independence. Virginia that here was a small village just outside of town called "Bobbitt Town". In later years most of the descendants living in or near "Bobbitt Town" were of the Joseph Bobbitt family. Most of the family settled from the bottom to the top of what is called Buck Mountain. The countryside is rugged but extremely beautiful. Green Bobbitt and his family settled in Lambsburg, Virginia at the foot of Pipers Gap and Sugarloaf Mountains. The area is not easily accessible but the valley is one of the most beautiful scenic areas of Virginia.

It was in this rural, farming area that Green Bobbitt was reared and where he later reared his family.

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