The Bobbitt Family In America

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Virginia in 1862 was preparing for the war between the states. On April 3, 1862 Green Bobbitt enlisted at Narrows, Virginia, for the duration of the war. He was mustered at Piedmont, Virginia in June of 1864. Green was a Private in Company E. 45th Virginia Infantry. Serving in this same company were several of his brothers, cousins and distant relatives from Monroe and Greenbrier Counties, which later were in West Virginia.

In 1862 Green B. Bobbitt was 19 years of age. He had long known and liked his childhood playmate, Nancy Jane Bryant, daughter of George Bryant. Nancy was born on December 18, 1848 and was at this time 16 years of age. For unknown reasons the young couple went to nearby Surry County, North Carolina to be married. They were married on October 19, 1862 by William Spencer.

Green and Nancy Bobbitt had eleven children, ten of whom lived to maturity. Estella died young. The children were:

Amanda Bobbitt               born Apr. 2, 1866

Emoline Bobbitt               born Sep. 9, 1868

Martin Bobbitt                 born Feb. 25, 1871 

Charles Bobbitt                born Dec. 19, 1873

Andrew Jackson Bobbitt   born Apr. 1878 

Sarah Ann Bobbitt            born Jan. 1883 

William Mac Bobbitt         born Oct. 21, 1 1885

Norman Bobbitt                born Jan. 1886

Payton Bobbitt                 born Apr. 1889

Estella Bobbitt                  born Jul. 1, 1890

Nancy Bryant Bobbitt died on April 30, 1915 at the age of 66 years, 8 months, and 12 days. She is buried with her daughter Estella where their home once stood. In May 1916 Green Bobbitt married Betty J. Cochran. Green was 70 years of age and Betty was 35. Two children were born to this marriage. John Bobbitt who left the area and moved to Washington D. C. when he was very young and has not been heard from since. Maggie Bobbitt married and lives in North Carolina. Most of the children married and reared families of their own. The marriages are:

Amanda Bobbitt             m. A. Wilbourn Hawks 

Emoline Bobbitt             m. Walter H. Williams Dec. 25, 1890 

Martin B. Bobbitt           m. Cora Manuel (2) Sep. 15, 1906

Martin B. Bobbitt           m. Flora A. Lynch (1) Nov. 12, 1890

Charles Bobbitt              m. Susannah Spencer (1) Dec. 24, 1893

Charles Bobbitt              m. Fannie Moore Cochran Nov. 24, 1923 

Andrew J. Bobbitt          m. Teatie Hawks Nov. 27, 1898 

Rosabell Bobbitt            m. Benjamin F. Davidson Sep. 15, 1899 

Rosabell Bobbitt            m. John L. Felts May. 21, 1908

Sarah A. Bobbitt            m. Henry Easter Mar. 4, 1909

William Mac Bobbitt      m. Lottie Hawks

William Mac Bobbitt      m. Lela Hester Hawks Sep. 10, 1911


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