The Bobbitt Family In America

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GEORGE EDWARD BOBBITT      1845 - 1934     Son of Lewis and Catharine Bobbitt

George Edward Bobbitt was born in March of 1845. He was the first Bobbitt member of our family to be born in Ohio. We are not certain whether George was born in Clinton County or Jackson County Ohio, but believe that it was in Clinton County. The family was first recorded in the 1840 census of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The family could not be located in any 1850 census records, and then in 1860 the family was counted in Jackson County, Ohio. This record of the family is interesting. It was counted as family # 741, on July 14, 1860.

Lewis Bobbitt                           40 (1820) Virginia 

Catharine (Crider) Bobbitt         40 (1820) Virginia

Samuel Bobbitt                         17 (1843) Virginia 

Thomas Bobbitt                        16 (1844) Virginia 

Elizabeth Bobbitt                       14 (1846) Virginia 

Mary A. Bobbitt                        13 (1847) Virginia 

George E. Bobbitt                     12 (1848) Ohio 

Martha Bobbitt                         10 (1850) Ohio 

Lewis Bobbitt                            9 (1851) Ohio 

John H. Bobbitt                         7 (1853) Ohio 

James Bobbitt                            6 (1854) Ohio 

Amanda Bobbitt                        4 (1856) Ohio 

Joseph Bobbitt                          2 (1858) Ohio 

David Bobbitt                      5/12 (1860) Ohio


If the birth pattern of the children may be used as a basis for judgment, it would seem likely that George was not born till 1848. George was consistent in giving his age as being born in 1845 and of course he was certain that he was born in Ohio.

The family of Lewis Bobbitt was living in Clinton County, Ohio for the 1870 census. Lewis Bobbitt had died, and his widow was rearing the children.

In 1874 George Bobbitt married Martha E. Taylor, a daughter of William Henderson and Margaret (Pyle) Taylor. Martha was born on October 12, 1855 in Randolph County, Indiana.

Clinton County published a "Historical Atlas" in 1903. In the atlas, George E. Bobbitt was listed under Green Township as being of New Vienna, owning one lot three miles north. He was born in 1845. Jesse his son, was listed as living three miles northwest of the Post Office of New Vienna, born in 1876. William, his son was listed as living near Jesse and was born in 1883.

The family was first counted in the census of 1880 in Clinton County, Green Township.

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