The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family was best represented in the 1900 census of Clinton County, Ohio. George A. Bobbitt                  Nov. 1851      48      Ohio 

Cleo P. Bobbitt (daughter)      Jun. 1886      14      Ohio 

Clarence Bobbitt                    Mar. 1887      13      Ohio 

Winchester G. Bobbitt           Apr. 1889      11      Ohio 

Mary D. Bobbitt                   Nov. 1890       9      Ohio 

Ruth A. Bobbitt                    Feb. 1893       7      Ohio


Nancy E. Bobbitt wife of George A. Bobbitt died on March 6, 1895, age 34 years two months and 24 days old. She is buried in the Masonic cemetery in Lynchburg where James and Margaret Bobbitt were buried. Charles K. Bobbitt died on November 4, 1894 at the age of 11, and William F. Bobbitt died on October 2, 1889, both are buried in the cemetery with their mother.

George A. Bobbitt died on February 8, 1934 in Washington, Ohio, Clinton County. He was buried in the Lynchburg Ohio cemetery with his first wife and parents. His wife Katie (Spilker) Bobbitt survived him.

There is an interesting deed recorded in Highland County on December 7, 1897 in which W. H. Bobbitt et al sold land to B. L. Willett.

"That we W. Henry Bobbitt and Mary L. Bobbitt his wife, George A. Bobbitt, Catharine Sharp and Daniel Sharp her husband, sole surviving heirs of James W. Bobbitt, deceased of Township of Dodson, Highland County, etc ........

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