The Bobbitt Family In America

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GEORGE B. BOBBITT      1858 - 1937      Son of George and Sarah Bobbitt George Brown Bobbitt was a son of George W. and Sarah (Littlejohn) Bobbitt. He was born on December 31, 1858 in Nuckolsville, Virginia. George was the last of six children. He was reared in Carroll County, Virginia on a plantation that was located near numerous first cousins and other relatives that had lived in the area for many generations. 

On October 10, 1885, George Bobbitt married Eliza Alexander in Carroll County, Virginia. George had previously worked in Fayette County, West Virginia and soon after his marriage he moved to work in the mines near Fayetteville. George and Eliza Bobbitt were listed in the 1900 census of Fayette County, West Virginia. They were living near Mountain Cove.

George Bobbitt                     Dec. 1858      42      Virginia 

Eliza A. Bobbitt                     Mar. 1861      33      Virginia 

William E. Bobbitt                 Dec. 1887      13      West Virginia 

Mona Bobbitt                        Dec. 1889      11      West Virginia 

Normie Bobbitt                      Mar. 1891      9      West Virginia 

Verner Bobbitt                       Mar. 1893      7      West Virginia 

George Bobbitt                      Jan. 1895      4      West Virginia 

Leslie Bobbitt                               1900              West Virginia


After the census was taken, Leslie was born and died in 1913.

According to cemetery records, the children were:

William E. Bobbitt             1886 - 1954 

Mona Bobbitt (Brugh)       1888 - 1974 

George P. Bobbitt             1896 - 1956 

John Verner Bobbitt          1896 - 1919 

Leslie Bobbitt                   1900 - 1913 

Norma Bobbitt (Bowling)      .... - ....


Eliza Jane Alexander died in 1909 and was buried in the family cemetery at the south end of the New River Bridge. In 1925, George Bobbitt married Ellen (Alexander) Mitchell, a sister of his first wife. The following are excerpts from a granddaughter, Leota (Bobbitt) House of Citrus Heights, California.

"Ellen Mitchell, whom grandfather married in 1925, was a sister to Eliza Jane, so she was my great aunt, then my step- grandmother.  I think it was a marriage of convenience as she was a widow and he a widower and no one to look after them.

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