The Bobbitt Family In America

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On May 27, 1812, Harris Bobbitt was appointed by Governor William Hawkins, as constable for the River District of Warren County. Harris Bobbitt served as constable for several years.

Despite the census records which indicate that Harris Bobbitt had four sons, we know that he had only three sons. It is believed that one of the younger brothers of Partheny (Harris) Bobbitt was raised by Harris Bobbitt. The census records also indicate that John Randolph Bobbitt was born in 1810 although, John Bobbitt has consistently stated that he was born in 1812.

The children of Harris and Partheny Bobbitt who lived to maturity were:

Elizabeth Bobbitt          born 1802

Kinchen Bobbitt           born 1806 

John R. Bobbitt            born 1810

Martha Bobbitt            born 1814

Julie Bobbitt               born 1816

William H. Bobbitt      born 1820

Lucy Bobbitt               born 1823 

Nancy Bobbitt            born 1827

Tempie Bobbitt          born 1829


All the children married in either Warren or Halifax counties. Most of the children reared large families.

Elizabeth Bobbitt      married Nathaniel Shearin           Jan. 9, 1828

Kinchen Bobbitt         married Sally Dobbin                  Jan. 12, 1833

John R. Bobbitt          married Mary Ann Fleming                      1847

Martha Bobbitt           married Weldon E. Robertson                 1838

Julie Bobbitt               married David Isles                                1836 

William R. Bobbitt      married Louisa E. Pope             Oct. 25, 1852

Lucy Bobbitt              married ....... Fleming                             1848

Nancy Bobbitt            married B. Ray Browning                       1848

Tempie Bobbitt          married Jesse L. Shaw                            1852

Most of the families were listed in the 1850 and 1860 census records of Warren and Halifax counties.

Partheny Bobbitt, wife of Harris Bobbitt was born in 1784.  She was 63 years of age when Harris Bobbitt died in 1847. According to the estate settlements, Partheny Bobbitt died in 1848.

Part of the Harris Bobbitt plantation and the homeplace was willed to William Henry Bobbitt. William lived on the land until after the war between the states.

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