The Bobbitt Family In America

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ISHAM BOBBITT        1754 - 1836        Son of John and Amy Bobbitt


Isham Bobbitt was born on May 3, 1754 in what is today known as Warren County, North Carolina. He was the fifth son of John Richard and Amy (Alston) Bobbitt.

Isham Bobbitt married Elizabeth James on October 13, 1774 in Halifax County, North Carolina. Elizabeth James was a daughter of William and Nancy James. She was a sister of Susannah James who married the brother of Isham Bobbitt, William Bobbitt. She was also a sister to George James who married Amy Bobbitt.

Isham was mentioned in the will of his father which was recorded in Warren County on December 7, 1789.

"I lend to my son, Isham Bobbitt, during his life, two Negroes, Alice and Abbey, and at his decease, the said Negroes with their increase to be equally divided between all of his children and their repsentatives.

Isham Bobbitt was listed in the 1771 Bute County tax list along with his father, John Bobbitt and his brother, Stephen Bobbitt. There are no land deeds recorded for Isham Bobbitt in Warren County.

From the records of Isham Bobbitt's life we can trace his places of living and the periods of time that he lived in each place.

1754 - 1774 born in Granville County which became Warren County. 

1774 - 1780 lived in Halifax County, North Carolina. 

1780 - 1781 served in the American Revolutionary War. 

1781 - 1789 lived in Guilford County, North Carolina. 

1789 - 1803 lived in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. 

1803 - 1827 lived in Christian County, Kentucky 

1827 - 1836 lived and died in Morgan County, Illinois.


Isham Bobbitt was a volunteer in the service of the Revolution Army. He entered the service on February 1, 1780 and was discharged on September 1, 1781. He served as a First Sergeant under the command of Captain Christman. Several of his children, later married into the Christman family. He served under the command of General Green in the battle of Guilford Court House. He was in the battle of Yorktown, under the command of General Green until the surrender of Cornwallis. After the surrender, Isham was assigned as a body guard to Governor Alexander Martin, of North Carolina.

Isham Bobbitt died on March 6, 1836 in Morgan County, Illinois. He was buried on the Paschal Farm near Markham, Illinois.

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