The Bobbitt Family In America

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In 1803 Isham Bobbitt and his family moved from South Carolina to Kentucky. Their daughter Winney Bobbitt had married and moved to Alabama before 1800. The family had several relatives living in Alabama and we believe that Isham and his family took a route to Kentucky by the way of Alabama.

Stephen Bobbitt son of Isham and Elizabeth Bobbitt stated in his service application for military benefits on November 27, 1840 the following.

"That, I Stephen Bobbitt was born on 21st of November 1779, and that I always understood and believed that I had two brothers and one sister older than myself. Their names were, William, Allen, and Winney. William and Allen are dead. Winney is supposed to be living in the State of Alabama."

William Bobbitt died in Morgan County, Illinois in 1836. Allen Bobbitt died in Christian County, Kentucky in 1809. It is doubtful that any of the family knew whether Winney was living or not.

John W. Bobbitt and Isham Drury Bobbitt were the two younger brothers of Stephen Bobbitt. The records support the fact that there was only five sons in the family of Isham and Elizabeth Bobbitt.

Isham Bobbitt had a brother named William Bobbitt who also served in the war of the Revolution. William Bobbitt married Susannah James, who was a sister to Elizabeth James the wife of Isham Bobbitt. The children of the two families were double first cousins. William Bobbitt moved from North Carolina to South Carolina in 1801. William lived out his life in York and Chester counties of South Carolina and died in the state in the year of 1829.

Descendants of William Bobbitt moved into Tennessee and Alabama. It is doubtfull that any members of either family ever saw one another after Isham and his family moved to Kentucky in 1803.

Isham and Elizabeth were counted in the census of 1820 in Kentucky with the Chrisman family. In the 1830 census they were counted with the John Chirsman family in Morgan County, Illinois.

The children and their descendants are well documented in the records of Christian County Kentucky and in Morgan County Illinois. The family of Isham and Elizabeth Bobbitt is one of the large and important families in the history of the Bobbitt family. A very large segment of all Bobbitt families in the country today can trace their lineage back to Isham and Elizabeth Bobbitt.

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