The Bobbitt Family In America

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In 1845 Randolph Bobbitt was living in Howard County Missouri. On March 12, 1846, Randolph Bobbitt married Jane Elkins, a widow with two sons at home, James and Charles Elkins. The marriage is recorded in Howard County Missouri.

Randolph and Jane (Elkins) Bobbitt had one son, whom they named Joshua Bobbitt. Joshua was born in 1848 and died in 1862 or 1863. Jane (Elkins) Bobbitt died in 1849 in Howard County Missouri.

During or shortly after 1850, Randolph and his family moved to Linn County Missouri. In February 1852, Randolph married Jemima Lambert. The marriage is recorded in Linn County. Randolph and Jemima (Lambert) Bobbitt had one son and five daughters. They were:

Randolph Bobbitt   born 1852 

Mary A. Bobbitt     born 1854 

Martha Bobbitt      born 1856

Julia Bobbitt         born 1858

Josephine Bobbitt  born 1860

The 1860 census record of Randolph Bobbitt and his family was recorded in Linn County Missouri It was family # 191, Township 59, Range 18, counted on June 15, 1860.

Randolph Bobbitt      63 (1797) Virginia 

Jemima Bobbitt         38 (1822) Virginia 

James IV. Bobbitt *  19 (1841) Missouri 

Charles Bobbitt *      16 (1844) Missouri 

Joshua Bobbitt          12 (1848) Missouri 

Mary A. Bobbitt         6 (1854) Missouri 

Martha Bobbitt           4 (1856) Missouri 

Julia Bobbitt               2 (1858) Missouri

*James and Charles were not "Bobbitt" family members by birth. They were both sons of Jane Elkins. It is interesting to note that Jemima and Randolph were still rearing James and Charles. Jane the mother of James and Charles died in 1849. Joshua was also a son of Jane, but his father was Randolph Bobbitt. Randolph Bobbitt the son of Jemima and Randolph, who was born in 1852, died several months after his birth.

Randolph Bobbitt died on July 1, 1876. Jemima Bobbitt died on August 4, 1896. Both are buried in Linn County Missouri.

The two families of Randolph Bobbitt were completely separated, both by years and location. When Jemima Bobbitt requested financial aid, as a widow of a veteran of the war of 1812, she knew nothing of the first family of Randolph Bobbitt. Her own four daughters all married in Linn County Missouri.

The children of the first family are very important to our family history.

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