The Bobbitt Family In America

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James W. Bobbitt married Levaney Burton on September 20, 1857 in Howard County Missouri. In 1858 they had a son whom they named William Bobbitt. James is listed in the 1860 census of Howard County. He is not listed in any records after that census. James may have given his life in the war between the states.

Ellen Bobbitt married into the Stapp family of Linn County Missouri.

The daughters of Jemina and Randolph Bobbitt all married in Linn County Missouri. They became Martha Flint, Mary Ann Jackson, Julia P. Sane, and Josephine Wilson.

The Bobbitt lineage of Randolph Bobbitt was:

William Bobbitt from Wales   1649 - 1703 

William Bobbitt Junior           1675 - 1738 

James Bobbitt                       1707 - 1761 

William Bobbitt                     1744 - 1817 

William Bobbitt Junior           1769 - 1845 

Randolph Bobbitt                  1796 - 1876


Randolph Bobbitt lived in Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.

Lived in Virginia          1796 to 1823 

Lived in Kentucky       1823 to 1845

Lived in Missouri         1845 to 1876

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