The Bobbitt Family In America

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Robert and Dicey Bobbitt had four sons between 1813 and 1820. Their only other child was a daughter born between 1815 and 1820. The 1830 census of Grayson County lists the entire family.

Robert Bobbitt: (page247) 

3 males 10 - 15 (1815-1820)        1 female 10 - 15 (1815-1820) 

1 male 15 - 20 (1810-1815)         1 female 30 - 40 (1790-1800)

1 male 30 - 40 (1790-1800)

No one knows who the daughter was. Some say she died young, some say that she married a man with the surname of "Colton" and that they had a daughter named Thursey Colton. There are no records to substantiate any of these theories.

The family of Robert and Dicey (Bullard) Bobbitt was:

James Bobbitt               born 1814 married Sarah Carroll 

William Bobbitt             born 1816 married Beulah Kivitt 

John L. Bobbitt             born 1817 married Mary Starr

Unknown Daughter      born 1819 married ?? Colton ?

Anderson W. Bobbitt     born 1820 married Elizabeth Y. Mallory

In the 1840 census of Grayson County, Robert and Dicey were living with their son James Bobbitt, unmarried, and an unknown female born between 1830 and 1835. The female is believed to have been Thursey Colton a grand daughter of Robert and Dicey. Living nearby was their son John L. Bobbitt and his new bride, Mary Starr, whom he married on February 17, 1840.

John L. Bobbitt (born 1817) 

1 male 20 - 30 (1810-1820)                          1 female 15 20 (1820-l825)

Many of the members of the Bobbitt family had moved to Pulaski County, Kentucky and Howard County, Missouri. William Bobbitt son of Robert and Dicey was living in Missouri by 1840. Their youngest son, Anderson W. Bobbitt and his wife, joined the family of Randolph Bobbitt in Pulaski County and later moved to Missouri.

By 1850 all the brothers of Robert Bobbitt were deceased with the exception of Randolph Bobbitt who lived in Missouri. Many of his married sisters were deceased. Still living in Carroll County were numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews. His sister Rosanna Bobbitt and her husband James Bobbitt lived nearby.

James Bobbitt, son of Robert and Dicey, lived with his parents, and looked after all their needs. The family were expert wagon makers and did a prosperous business in making and selling fine wagons, many of which were used by the pioneer families who went to Kentucky and Missouri. James served in the Confederate Army. In 1856 he married Sarah Carroll and they lived with Robert and Dicey until Robert died in 1865.

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