The Bobbitt Family In America

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Census of 1880, Cairo, Randolph County, Missouri.

Family # 148

James E. Bobbitt                  65      1815    Virginia 

Sarah (Carroll) Bobbitt         60      1820    Virginia 

M. C. Bobbitt (Margaret)     21 1859 Virginia 

W. A. Bobbitt (William)       19 1861 Virginia 

J. L. Bobbitt (John L.)         17 1863 Virginia 

G. E. J. Bobbitt (Joseph)      16 1864 Virginia 

M. B. Bobbitt (Missouri)     15 1865 Virginia 

T. B. Bobbitt (Theophilus)   12 1868 Missouri 

Dicey (Bullard) Bobbitt       87 1793 Virginia

The dates for many of the children are not accurate. They were probably reported by some one who did not know the exact ages of the children. William A. Bobbitt was born in August 1859, John L. Bobbitt was born in September 1861, and Joseph E. Bobbitt was born in November 1862.

Joseph E. Bobbitt married Carrie Austin who was born in 1876 in Missouri. She was the daughter of Thomas W. Austin and Sallie (Catterton) Austin. Joseph and Carrie had one child, a son born in November 1903, named Hugh Bobbitt.

Margaret and Missour Bobbitt, daughters of James and Sarah Bobbitt married Arthur Boney. Missouri Bobbitt married Arthur Boney first and had two children. They were named Herbert and Emily Boney. Missouri died and Arthur married Margaret Bobbitt who reared his two children. Emily Boney married Uel Dameron and died several years later during childbirth. Her child also died. Herbert Boney never married and had no family. He died in 1973 at the age of 80 years.

William Bobbitt son of Robert and Dicey, married Rachel or Buleah Kivett. (We are not certain if he married each or that Rachel and Bueleah were both part of her name.) The family was listed in the 1850 and the 1860 census of Howard County, Missouri. The family was counted as # 858 on September 5, 1860.

William Bobbitt            44 1816 Virginia 

Rachel (Kivett) Bobbitt 43 1817 Missouri ? 

Robert A. Bobbitt         19 1841 Missouri 

Rachel E. Bobbitt         19 1841 Missouri (Age & date wrong) 

Issac L. Bobbitt            13 1847 Missouri 

John Enock Bobbitt      11 1849 Missouri 

George T. Bobbitt          9 1851 Missouri 

James P. Bobbitt           7 1853 Missouri 

Sarah Bobbitt                2 1858 Missouri 

D. P. Rossen               26 1854 Missouri

Rachel E. Bobbitt married John T. Garvin. In 1880 William Bobbitt was living with the Garvin family in Howard County. George was single and Robert A. was single. Enock Bobbitt was married and lived with his wife, Dora in a township named Boonslick Missouri.

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