The Bobbitt Family In America

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RUFUS WILLIAM BOBBITT       1826 - 1872       Son of John and Permelia Bobbitt

Rufus Bobbitt was born in 1826 in Rockbridge County, Virginia He was the seventh son, and the thirteenth child of John and Permelia (Hill) Bobbitt. Rufus Bobbitt was the last child to be born in Rockbridge County. Soon after the birth of Rufus, John and Permelia moved to Monroe County, where they lived near the plantation of James Hill Junior, a brother of Permelia.

. In 1844, Rufus Bobbitt married Mary Elizabeth Williams, a daughter of Elijah and Mitilda (McCoy) Williams, of Greenbrier County. Mary Elizabeth was born in 1826 in Greenbrier County and died in 1866 in Nicholas County.

Mary Elizabeth Williams had two sisters, Lydia Jane Williams and Nancy Williams. She had one brother, David Williams. Their mother, Matilda McCoy was a daughter of David McCoy of Greenbrier County.

Soon after the marriage of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth, the went to live in Nicholas County on land that Rufus had acquired on both sides of McMillians Creek. They lived in a log house that Rufus Bobbitt had built himself. The family was listed in the 1850 census of Nicholas County, as family # 109. According to the census Rufus was the fourth wealthiest man in the county.

Rufus Bobbitt                          25 (1826) Virginia 

Elizabeth (Williams) Bobbitt     23 (1827) Virginia

Joanna Bobbitt                          3      (1847) Virginia

John Bobbitt                         7/12      (1849) Virginia

The plantation of Rufus Bobbitt was fertile bottom land, which was divided by a small branch, and surrounded by rolling hills. It was located about five miles from the county court house in the village of Summersville.

In 1860 the census valued the property of Rufus Bobbitt at $8,000.00 and his personal savings at $3,000.00. For this period of time it indicated that Rufus was a good farmer and a businessman. In 1856, Rufus and Mary Elizabeth lost their first child, Charles Dowtain Bobbitt, who died at the age of three years.

In 1854, James Hill Bobbitt, the youngest and last son of John and Permelia Bobbitt, married Ruth Sabina Beard in Greenbrier County. They moved to Nicholas County and lived near the farm of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth. The two families were close friends. They visited frequently with each other, aided each other in the times of stress and sorrow, and reared their families in Nicholas County until the time of their deaths. Both families were listed in the 1860 census records of the county.

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