The Bobbitt Family In America

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The families were listed in the Nicholas County census records of 1860 as:

Family # 359, counted July 4, 1860

Rufus Bobbitt              34 (1826) Virginia 

Elizabeth Bobbitt         35 (1827) Virginia 

Joanna S. Bobbitt        13 (1847) Virginia 

Matilda J. Bobbitt        11 (1849) Virginia 

John W. Bobbitt          10 (1850) Virginia 

Martha Bobbitt             9 (1851) Virginia 

Alexander W. Bobbitt   7 (1853) Virginia 

Elijah Bobbitt               5 (1855) Virginia 

Nannie B. Bobbitt         1 (1859) Virginia 

Lidia Ann Bobbitt         1 (1859) Virginia


Family # 354, counted July 4, 1860

James (Hill) Bobbitt    32 (1828) Virginia 

Ruth S. Bobbitt          33 (1827) Virginia 

Virginia Bobbitt            5 (1855) Virginia 

Sarah Bobbitt               1 (1859) Virginia


In 1864 the first child of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt died. Joanna Susan Bobbitt was buried on a rolling hill to the left of the house, just above a ravine headed by a spring that the family used for their daily water. In this same cemetery was buried the first child that died, Charles Dowtain Bobbitt who died in 1856. Joanna Susan Bobbitt was their first born child.

In 1865, Mary Elizabeth (Williams) Bobbitt died of a lung disease. She was buried in the family cemetery near the house, where her children were buried. In 1867 the second born child, of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt, Matilda Irene Bobbitt, died.

When Mary Elizabeth died, her mother was living in Gallipolis, Ohio. The news of Mary Elizabeth's death was sent to her mother, by a post rider. She was asked to come to the Bobbitt home to care for her grandchildren. Matilda (McCoy) Williams, who was 57 years of age at the time, rode on horseback, alone, on the journey which took three days and nights. She stayed with the Bobbitt family until Rufus Bobbitt married Jane Herold on May 13, 1867. According to county records, Mary Elizabeth died on October 8, 1865, Matilda Bobbitt died on April 13, 1867, and Rufus remarried on May 13, 1867.

Jane Herold was a widow. Her maiden name was Groves. She was the daughter of Alexander and Lydia Groves of Nicholas County. She was born in 1840. She was an heir of John Rader and was a woman of considerable wealth. Rufus Bobbitt had a family of eight children who were entitled to his wealth. Jane and Rufus made a legal agreement not to inherit the wealth of the other in case of their decease.

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