The Bobbitt Family In America

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The Texas State Legislature introduced a bill of great tribute to Robert Lee Bobbitt and made it a permanent record of the State. Their recognition was sent to various members of the family.

The First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio wrote an appreciation for their faithful and devoted church member. In their communication they mentioned the following;

"Judge Robert Lee Bobbitt united with the First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio on March 25, 1945 by transfer of his letter from the First Presbyterian Church of Laredo. He was ordained a Ruling Elder in this Church in 1947 and retired from active service as an Elder on rotation in 1963. His tenure is remembered and appreciated for his willing participation in the life of the Church, and his steadfast guidance and encouragement in the faith will long be cherished. He was humble in the sight of God and grateful for His many blessings to us all. His counsel and Christian witness have touched us all in our life in this Church. The Congregation of this Church in recognition of his long and faithful service, elected him to the office of Elder Emeritus in 1966."

The Bobbitt family lineage of Robert Lee Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales                    1649 - 1703 Joanna Sturdivant 

William Bobbitt of Virginia                    1675 - 1738 Mary Green

James Bobbitt of Pittsylvania Co. Va.     1707 - 1761 Elizabeth Dalton

Lieutenant John Bobbitt                         1742 - 1816 Sarah Gibson 

(A soldier of the American Revolution)

John Bobbitt                     1785 - 1856 Permelia Hill

Tilman Bobbitt                 1806 - 1892 Jane Hill

Captain James Tolliver Bobbitt        1836 - 1929 Malinda C. Alderson 

(A soldier of the American Confederacy)

Joseph Alderson Bobbitt               1858 - 1937 Laura Abigail Duff 

Robert Lee Bobbitt                1888 - 1972 Mary Belle Westbrook 

(A Captain in World War I)

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