The Bobbitt Family In America

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JAMES HILL BOBBITT      1828 - 1907      Son of John and Permelia Bobbitt

James Hill Bobbitt was the eighth son of John and Permelia (Hill) Bobbitt. He was born in Monroe County, Virginia in 1828 not long after the family moved from Rockbridge County to Monroe County where they lived near James Hill Junior, a brother of Permelia Bobbitt. James Hill Bobbitt was named after the father, of Permelia, James Hill Senior of Amherst County, Virginia. James Hill Senior was a sergeant in the Revolutionary War. He died in 1831 in Amherst County.

James Hill Bobbitt married Ruth Sabina Beard on July 31, 1857 in Greenbrier County. The marriage was recorded. Ruth Sabina Beard was a daughter of Nathan and Ruth Beard. James was 29 years of age, and Ruth was 28 years of age. The marriage was performed by D. W. Arnold.

Soon after the marriage of James and Ruth, they moved to live near Rufus Bobbitt in Nicholas County where they had a farm on Glade Creek. The family was counted in the 1860 census of Nicholas County on July 4, 1860 as family # 354.

James (Hill) Bobbitt    32 (1828) Virginia 

Ruth S. (Beard) Bobbitt 33 (1827) Virginia 

Virginia Bobbitt         5 (1855) Virginia 

Sarah Bobbitt            1 (1859) Virginia


In 1870 the family was listed in the census records of the county as being counted on July 1, 1870, as family # 29, living in the district of Muddlety.

James (Hill) Bobbitt 42 (1828) Virginia 

Ruth S. Bobbitt      43 (1827) Virginia 

Virginia Bobbitt     16 (1854) Virginia 

Sarah Bobbitt        12 (1858) Virginia 

Ruth Bobbitt          6 (1864) Virginia 

Nathan Bobbitt        5 (1865) Virginia


The 1900 census completes the record of this family.

James H. Bobbitt born March 1828 age 72 

Sabina Bobbitt   born Sept. 1827 age 73 

Ruth B. Bobbitt  born Oct.  1860 age 39 

Beard Chapman*   born Oct.  1875 age 24


Beard Chapman was listed as a grandson of James and Sabina Bobbitt. Not long after this census of 1900 was recorded, Ruth Sabina (Beard) Bobbitt died on September 12, 1900. She was born on September 2, 1827 in Greenbrier County.

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