The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family of Captain James Tolliver and Catherine (Alderson) Bobbitt had two sons and one daughter.  Joseph Alderson Bobbitt               born Dec. 31, 1858 

    Norman Haynes Bobbitt            born Aug. 26, 1860

Mathilda Jane Bobbitt                 born Feb. 19, 1863


Norman Haynes Bobbitt born August 26, 1860, married Sallie Stowell Ficklin on March 4, 1885. They had a family of two sons and three daughters who lived to maturity. They lived near Lockney, Texas most of their lives. Norman Bobbitt died in Wichita Falls, Texas on February 17, 1923. Their children were, James Albert Bobbitt born January 31, 1886, William Alexander Bobbitt, born February 15, 1889, Winnie Davis Bobbitt born October 11, 1892, Alma May Bobbitt born June 5, 1896, Katherine Rose Bobbitt born December 22, 1893, and Nellie Lee Bobbitt born May 7, 1900.

Mathilda Jane Bobbitt born February 19, 1863 in Monroe County, Virginia, married Stephen E. Whipkey on July 7, 1881 in Hill County, Texas. Mathilda Jane (Bobbitt) Whipkey died on February 20, 1942 in Powhuska, Oklahoma. Their children were, Zula, Isodel, Mary, Rubeth Catherine, Emma Ruth, James Stephen, Anna Hearne, Derill A, Ollyn Mathilda, Campbell, and Albert Alderson Whipkey.

Joseph Alderson Bobbitt is a separate study in our family history.

A man of the character and personality of Captain James Tolliver Bobbitt who lived for 93 years is almost impossible to know. He was different at different ages throughout his life. He was probably best known by his grandchildren with whom he shared the amusing stories of his life. There were 34 grandchildren and many great grandchildren who remember this man. One of his great grandchildren was Joseph Frank Bobbitt of Sylacauga, Alabama, who remembers it was his job as a young man to fan Captain James as he sat on the porch in the summer Texas heat. Like most of us, Frank Bobbitt cannot remember the stories that Captain James entertained him with during the fanning sessions.

There are some unusual accounts recorded by various newspapers and members of the family.

In 1928, on Saturday, March 10th, at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas, a birthday party was given to Captain James T. Bobbitt, by his grandchildren, for his 92-year-old birthday. The newspaper account is interesting.

"Annually for the past ten years it has been a beautiful custom of the very splendid and hospitable family of Captain James T. Bobbitt, a Confederate veteran, who be-

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