The Bobbitt Family In America

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"Deceased had been an active Christian and leader in the Baptist denomination for many years, holding membership at his death in the Walnut Street Baptist church, Hillsboro.

Few people who ever lived in Hill County were better known or more highly respected than Captain Bobbitt, and the large crowds attending the funeral services with the numerous and beautiful floral offerings were a slight token of their sorrow at his calling away. He was the oldest member of the local camp of Confederates and one of the oldest citizens of the county."

In the 1900 census of Hill County Texas, the family of Joseph Alderson Bobbitt was counted in Volume 58, Enumerator District 38, Page 4, Line 15.

Joseph A. Bobbitt        Dec. 1858 41 Virginia 

Irene (Ficklin) Bobbitt  Feb. 1873 27 Texas 

Oscar Bobbitt            Nov. 1882 17 Texas 

Joseph M. Bobbitt        Oct. 1884 15 Texas 

Frank D. Bobbitt         Nov. 1891 8 Texas 

Martha M. Bobbitt        Aug. 1894 5 Texas 

Leroy Bobbitt            Jan. 1886 14 Texas 

Robert Lee Bobbitt       Jan. 1888 12 Texas 

Eugene A. Bobbitt        Jan. 1898 2 Texas 

Matilda Bobbitt          Aug. 1899 10 Texas 

James T. Bobbitt(father) Mar. 1836 64 Virginia 

Malinda(Alderson)Bobbitt Jan. 1836 64 Virginia


Ridge Park Cemetery is located on a hill outside the city of Hillsboro. Numerous members of the Bobbitt family are buried in the cemetery in beautifully marked graves well-tended. Both Captain James and his wife are buried there, as well as their first child and son, Joseph Alderson Bobbitt. Malinda Catherine Bobbitt was born January 12, 1836 and died February 7, 1917.

The Bobbitt lineage of Captain James Bobbitt is:

William Bobbitt from Wales    1649 - 1703 

William Bobbitt            1675 - 1738 

James Bobbitt              1707 - 1761 

John Bobbitt               1742 - 1815 

John Bobbitt Jr.           1785 - 1856 

Tilman Bobbitt             1806 - 1892


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