The Bobbitt Family In America

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JAMES ROBERT BOBBITT      1848 - 1929     Son of John William and Mary Bobbitt

James Robert Bobbitt was born on December 14, 1848 at Dyer, Tennessee. He was the first son and second child of John William and Mary Jane (Province) Bobbitt. He was a grandson of James and Mary (Gunn) Bobbitt.

On January 19, 1870, James married Suzanne Orr. Suzanne was born at Dyer on February 12, 1853.

James Bobbitt was a farmer and cultivated land left to him by his father in Gibson County, Tennessee. He was an intelligent man, well educated, and cultured. He had the often referred to "Bobbitt" sense of humor and enjoyed a good joke. He was a Prohibitionist, a Democrat and a devout Presbyterian. He served as an Elder of the Presbyterian church at Dyer.

James and Mary (Orr) Bobbitt had nine children. Seven girls and two boys made up the family. Only the girls lived to maturity. The children were:

Lela Lillian Bobbitt              born Oct. 21, 1870

Eula Lee Bobbitt                 born Jul. 27, 1872

John Harvey Bobbitt           born Dec. 11, 1874

James Miles Bobbitt            born .. 1876

Mary Frances Bobbitt          born Dec. 18, 1878

Ina Bobbitt                         born Jan. 29, 1870

Annie Elizabeth Bobbitt       born May.1883 

Jessie Bobbitt                     born Sep. 17, 1885

Emma Suzanne Bobbitt       born Mar. 7, 1889


Lela Lillian Bobbitt             m. Rev. Joseph H. Curry Jul. 15, 1891 

Eula Lee Bobbitt               m. Luther LeRoy Robinson 1890

John Harvey Bobbitt         Died young

James Miles Bobbitt          Died young 

Mary Frances Bobbitt        m. Mark Ransom Hudson

Ina Bobbitt                        m. James Latney Noel Jan. 6, 1909

Annie Elizabeth Bobbitt      m. Died young in 1891

Jessie Bobbitt                    m. Joseph Cornelius Raines Dec. .. 1907 

Emma Suzanne Bobbitt      m. Albert Len Michael Mar. 27, 1920


James Robert Bobbitt died at Dyer on January 6, 1929. Mary Suzanne (Orr) Bobbitt died at Dyer on January 12, 1941. Both are buried in Oakwood Cemetery at Dyer.

A very interesting descendant of this family was Ina Bobbitt Noel. She was very interested in family history and did extensive research in an effort to find her American ancestors. She was an active member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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