The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN RICHARD BOBBITT      1725 - 1791     Son of William and Amy Bobbitt

It is a tradition among the descendants of John Richard Bobbitt that his middle name was "Richard". The records and legal papers in the life of John Bobbitt do not record his middle name. Several of his grandsons carried the full name of John Richard Bobbitt, and this seems to confirm the tradition. For the sake of distinguishing this "John Bobbitt" from all the others with the name of "John", I will continue the tradition.

The family of John Richard Bobbitt is the key family in our studies of the North Carolina Bobbitt family. John left records that record the names of all of his children. His activities in his business life were all reported to the county court house.

The direct Bobbitt lineage of John Richard Bobbitt was:

William Bobbitt, from Wales        1649 - 1703

John Bobbitt, of Chowan            1678 - 1736 

William Bobbitt Senior                1704 - 1768 

John Richard Bobbitt                  1725 - 1791


During the first one hundred years of the Bobbitt family in the state of North Carolina, there were several sons who were named John. John Bobbitt of Chowan, was the first Bobbitt to live in North Carolina. John Richard Bobbitt was a grandson of John Bobbitt of Chowan. John Richard Bobbitt had a son named, John Bobbitt. Miles Bobbitt had a son named John Bobbitt

John Richard Bobbitt was born in 1725 in what is today Warren County, North Carolina. He was a son of William and Amy (Bennett) Bobbitt. Amy Bennett was a daughter of Richard Bennett, and it is very likely that it was from Richard Bennett that John Richard received his middle name.

John Richard Bobbitt married Amy Alston, daughter of John Alston in 1743. John died in Warren County North Carolina in 1791.

In the early records of Granville, Bute, and Warren Counties, the name of John Bobbitt may refer to one of the following depending on the dates of the records.

John Bobbitt, of Chowan                       1678 - 1736 

John Richard Bobbitt                            1725 - 1791 

John Bobbitt, son of John Richard         1749 - 1824 

John Bobbitt, son of William Bobbitt Jr. 1748 - 1791 

John Bobbitt, son of Miles Bobbitt         1763 - 1837

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