The Bobbitt Family In America

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Amy Alston was born in Bertie County in 1730 and died in Warren County in 1796. Petition was made for the settlement of her estate on March 2, 1796 by Drury Bobbitt and Stephen Bobbitt the appointed executors of the will of John Bobbitt. The settlement was recorded in Warren County in Book 9, page 53.

Sale of the estate of John Bobbitt, deceased, willed to his wife Amy, at her decease, by Drury Bobbitt and Stephen Bobbitt, executors. Names of purchasers at the sale: Drury Bobbitt, Stephen Bobbitt, John, Randolph, and William Bobbitt. John Bobbitt Senior, Ben Kimbel, John Smith, Warwick Hazelwood, David Hazelwood, Herbert Walker, Calop Capps, Samuel Harper, Edward King, Luke Dearden, Joshua James, Frederick Tucker, Nelson Harris, Abner Shearin, Josiah Womble, and John Lancaster.

Most of the purchasers at the sale were relatives in one way or another, with the closest members of the family listed first in the list of purchasers.

The will of John Bobbitt written in 1789 was written for posterity. It is a priceless statement of family history and genealogy.

All of the children who lived to maturity are named in his will. All the daughters were named by their given names and their married names.

By the most tedious research and with the aid of some exact dates from the military service records, we are able to determine the dates of birth for each of the children. The census records will confirm these dates. The list includes all the children who were mentioned in the records and who lived to maturity.

Drury Bobbitt        born 1744 

Winnine Bobbitt      born 1746 

Stephen Bobbitt      born 1747

John Bobbitt         born 1749

Alston Bobbitt       born 1752 

Isham Bobbitt        born 1754

Randolph Bobbitt     born 1755

Sally Bobbitt        born 1758

William Bobbitt      born 1761

Amy Bobbitt          born 1763


The birth dates for Isham and William are taken from their Revolutionary War service records. The dates for the others are calculated on the census records and the birth of each of the known children of those on this list.

All of the children may be identified in the early records.

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