The Bobbitt Family In America

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One of the best examples of any early will in North Carolina is the will of John Bobbitt written on December 7, 1789 and recorded in Warren County in Will Book 6, page 54.

The will names all of his children and two grand-children who were living at the time the will was written. The daughters are all mentioned by their given names and the surnames of their husbands. The will is so important to the genealogy and history of the Bobbitt family in North Carolina that it is copied here exactly as the original.


I, John Bobbitt of Warren County, being sick and old, but of sound mind, and calling to mind, the manifold blessings that Bountiful Providence has bestowed on me, and that it is appointed to all men, once to die.

I do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following, and after recommending my soul to God, who gave it me, and my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors and friends. I would next indeavour to dispose of what little worldly property it hath pleased the Almighty God to bless me with.

I give or rather lend, to my wife Amy Bobbitt, during her natural life, the following negroes. Namely: Roger and Pheby and at the death of my beloved wife, Roger is to pass and go to my son Drury Bobbitt and his heirs, and the negro girl Pheby, with her increase, to be equally divided between my two grand-children now living with me, to witt: Lewis and John, sons of Randolph Bobbitt. I also lend to my beloved wife, two feather beds and furniture, one of which, at her death, is to go to my son Isham, and the other of them, that she chooses to give it to, as also to have nine head of the choice of my stock of cattle, with a yoke of oxon, for the use of the plantation together with the use of all the house and kitchen furniture, and at her decease to be equally divided amongst all my children and their representatives. Also one bay mare, also one third part of all my stock of hogs and sheep and together with the house I now live in and any part of my land that she may think fit to live on during her natural life.

I give to my son Drury Bobbitt five pounds in money.

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