The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOHN WILLIAMS BOBBITT       1849 - 1930       Son of Rufus and Mary Bobbitt

John Williams Bobbitt was born on November 25, 1849. He was the first son of Rufus and Mary (Williams) Bobbitt. He was born in Nicholas County Virginia on the waters of McMillians Creek in what is today West Virginia. John was named after his paternal grandfather John Bobbitt of Monroe County, and his maternal grandfather, Elijah Williams of Greenbrier County. His grandparents were John and Permelia (Hill) Bobbitt and Elijah and Matilda (McCoy) Williams. For some reason the Williams part of his name was soon singled to "William" and he used that for the most part of his life.

John was reared in a area of hard working well-to-do-farmers. Many of the families surrounding the Bobbitt plantation were related in one way or another to the Bobbitt family. As time went on, many of the Bobbitt relatives from Monroe County and many of the relatives from Greenbrier County moved to live in Nicholas County.

As a young man he attended school in Summersville, West Virginia and worked on the farm of his father as well as on the farms of near by neighbors, Fielding McClung, the Raders, and Tyree farm.

When John was sixteen years of age, his mother died (1865). Not long after his mother's death, Rufus Bobbitt remarried and John took many of the responsibilities of rearing his brothers and sisters.

When John was 26 years of age he married Mary Elizabeth Tyree, a beautiful daughter of John and Elizabeth (McClung) Tyree. Mary Elizabeth Tyree was born on September 29, 1856 and was 29 years of age at the time of her marriage. The couple were married at the plantation of John Tyree on November 18, 1875. The witnesses were James Tyree, brother of Mary Elizabeth and Nannie Bobbitt sister of John Bobbitt.

John and Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt had four children, one daughter and three sons.

Mary Imboden Bobbitt      .... 1877 born in West Virginia 

George Tyree Bobbitt         Jan. 1879 born in West Virginia 

Howard Lee Hill Bobbitt   Jul. 1881 born in West Virginia 

Newman John Bobbitt             ... .... born in Oklahoma

In March of 1883 John and Mary Bobbitt decided to migrate to Oklahoma and homestead. Also James Tyree brother of Mary Bobbitt was ill with tuberculosis and many thought the climate would be better for James. Many members of the Tyree family also went with the wagon caravan to homestead in Oklahoma. I am not certain when Newman John Bobbitt was born but it was after the family reached Oklahoma. Newman died in September of 1890.

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