The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOSEPH REDDING BOBBITT       1817 - 1863      Son of Lewis and Nancy Bobbitt

Confederate Soldier Casualty

Joseph Redding Bobbitt was born in 1817 on Sandy Creek in Franklin County, North Carolina. He was the only son of Lewis Charles and Nancy (Lancaster) Bobbitt.

When Joseph was 19 years of age, his father died, leaving him to care for his mother, and eight sisters. Joseph was first mentioned in the records in his father's will, written on December 1, 1835 in Franklin County.

"I give to my son, Joseph R. Bobbitt, my set of blacksmith tools, and my shot gun, when he arrives at lawful age."

"I appoint Joseph Lancaster with Joseph R. Bobbitt my sole executors of this my last will and testament .........

On January 12, 1841, Joseph R. Bobbitt married Martha E. Collins in Franklin County. The family was counted in the 1850 census as living in the Perry's Mill District of the county.

In 1860 the family was counted as living in Louisburg on June 25, 1860. Some of the ages are incorrectly stated.

Joseph Bobbitt           43 (1817) North Carolina 

Martha (Collins) Bobbitt 40 (1820) North Carolina 

James W. Bobbitt         13 (1847) North Carolina 

Haywood Bobbitt          11 (1849) North Carolina 

Pricilla Bobbitt          8 (1852) North Carolina 

Martha Bobbitt           6 (1854) North Carolina


This was the entire family including all the children who lived to maturity. Joseph R. Bobbitt enlisted in the army of the Confederate States of America on February 26, 1862 and was assigned to Company K, 12th Regiment. He was a blacksmith and was wounded in battle. As a result of his wounds he died in the service and was buried in Richmond, Virginia. He died on April 1, 1863.

James Bobbitt became the head of the household and the family continued to live in Louisburg.

Martha E. Bobbitt died in 1892 and Redding Haywood Bobbitt was the administrator of her estate.

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