The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOSEPH BOBBITT       1844 - 1894      Son of Charles and Sarah Bobbitt

Joseph Bobbitt was the eighth son and child of Charles and Sarah (DeFries) Bobbitt. He was born in 1844 in what is today called "Old Town" in Grayson County, Virginia.

Sometime before 1860 Charles and Sarah Bobbitt moved to Carroll County and lived near Hillsville, Virginia. The family was counted on June 13, 1860 in the Federal Census of that year.

Family' # 1271

Charles Bobbitt             57 1813 Virginia 

Sarah (DeFries) Bobbitt 57 1813 North Carolina 

Joseph Bobbitt              16 1844 Virginia 

Greenberry Bobbitt       14 1846 Virginia 

Peyton Bobbitt             12 1848 Virginia 

Polly A. Bobbitt           13 1847 Virginia


The older sons remained in Grayson County, and some were married and living in Surry County, North Carolina.

Joseph Bobbitt married Edith Nichols of Grayson County, Virginia. Edith was born on March 16, 1848 in Grayson County. The couple applied for a license in Surry County, North Carolina, but were married in Alleghany County, North Carolina on December 16, 1865, when Edith was 17 years of age, and Joseph was 21. The couple were married by Morgan Edwards.

The family was first counted in the census of 1870 as living in Independence, Virginia, Grayson County, on July 21, 1870.

Family # 492

Joseph Bobbitt      29 1841 Virginia 

Eddie Bobbitt       23 1847 Virginia 

Elizabeth Bobbitt    4 1866 Virginia 

Robert Bobbitt       1 1869 Virginia


The year of birth for Joseph is an error, Joseph was born in 1844. Robert did not live to maturity and we believe that Joseph and Edith Bobbitt had several children who did not live long after birth.

Joseph Bobbitt enlisted in Company E, 45th Virginia Infantry on May 29, 1861, in the army of the Confederate States. He enlisted at Wytheville, Virginia for a period of twelve months. During his service he was ill several times, and severely once at White Sulphur Springs in 1861. Joseph was captured as a prisoner of war, on June 5, 1864 at Piedmont, Virginia. He was ill again on March 13, 1865, applied for marriage on March 14, 1865 and was married

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