The Bobbitt Family In America

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It is difficult to properly evaluate the character of Joseph Bobbitt. The responsibilities of his life must have many times made him seem like a more serious and stern person than he was. He had a natural talent for managerial organization which helped him to keep his values in their proper order. Some felt that he was harsh in the discipline that he exacted from his wives and his children but the fruit of his directions seems obvious.

At the age of 79, Joseph Alderson Bobbitt died at his home in Hill County, Texas. He was buried on February 10, 1937 in Ridge Park Cemetery in Hillsboro, just one day after his death on February 9, 1937. His wife, Irene, survived him and twelve of his sixteen children. As near as I can determine he was survived by sixteen grandchildren.

Irene Ficklin Bobbitt was born on February 12, 1873 and died on January 4, 1940 at the age of 67. She is also buried in Ridge Park Cemetery in Hillsboro.

William Bobbitt from Wales         1649 - 1703 Joanna Sturdivant 

William Bobbitt Jr.                      1675 - 1738 Mary Green 

James Bobbitt                             1797 - 1761 Elizabeth Dalton 

John Bobbitt Sr.                          1742 - 1815 Sarah Gibson 

John Bobbitt Jr.                          1785 - 1856 Permelia Hill 

Tilman Bobbitt                           1806 - 1892 Jane Hill 

Capt. James Tolliver Bobbitt       1836 - 1929 Malinda Alderson 

Joseph Alderson Bobbitt             1858 - 1937 Laura A. Duff 

                                                                   Irene Ficklin

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