The Bobbitt Family In America

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JOSEPH FRANKLIN BOBBITT       1918 -         Son of Tilford and Jo Bobbitt

Joseph Franklin Bobbitt was born on September 6, 1918 to Tilford Oscar and Jo (Kinley) Bobbitt. He was born in the little town of Roanoke Texas in Denton County. His father was a blacksmith and later served for 27 years in the service of the Game and Fish Commission of the state of Texas. His mother was a highly intelligent woman who was a good judge of character. She taught Frank Bobbitt the principles of dealing with people that has guided him to a successful business career.

.There are only two chapters in this book which are biographies of living persons. One is Frank Bobbitt and the other is Chief Justice William H. Bobbitt.

Frank Bobbitt has been an inspiration and a driving force behind my consistent effort to work on this family history. He encouraged me to continue when the job seemed insurmountable. He aided me with trips to see members of his family, their native home places, and historic sites of the South. He has been generous with his time and financial support throughout my efforts to complete this work. In addition be is one of the many successful Bobbitt men whose lives should be an inspiration to many of the on coming generations.

In 1973 Joseph Franklin Bobbitt was awarded "Business Man of the Year". At that time a biographical book was published honoring Frank Bobbitt as a successful business man, and as president of Southern Alloy Corporation of Sylacauga, Alabama.

Joseph Franklin Bobbitt married Mary Ruth Miller of Sanger, Texas on September 3, 1940. They had been school-days sweethearts. Mary was a trained beauty operator and a true help-mate where business and family were concerned. The couple had two children:

Billy Bobbitt      married Carolyn Scruggs 

Elva Jo Bobbitt    married Robert Bonner

There are four grandchildren, Todd and Tara Bonner, Billy and Buffey Bobbitt.

The following are excerpts from the excellent biography mentioned above concerning the career of Frank Bobbitt.

"During the course of his education in Denton, Texas public schools his interest was centered in lessons that pertained to making things. In junior high school he found shop courses, mainly in woodworking. He applied himself so diligently in this area that when he was in high school he was asked to teach in the shop. The training and experience in this field and the skill developed in that school shop were of great value when he later found and enrolled in a school for foundry pattern making.

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