The Bobbitt Family In America

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LEWIS BOBBITT SENIOR       1703 - 1769      Son of William and Mary (Green) Bobbitt

Lewis Bobbitt was born in 1703 in Charles City County Virginia, in that section of the county which became Prince George County in 1704. Lewis was a son of William and Mary (Green) Bobbitt and a grandson of William Bobbitt from Wales.

The first mention of Lewis Bobbitt in the records was in a land patent of Richard Jones of Prince George County, Virginia. In the land patent of Richard Jones it is stated that one of the bounds of the land was a corner of the property of Lewis Bobbitt. William Bobbitt, the father of Lewis Bobbitt received 254 acres of land on Rocky Run by a land patent in 1725 and it was recorded in patent book 12:278 of Prince George County. The date of the patent to Richard Jones was September 28, 1728. Lewis Bobbitt was married and living on his own farm by 1728.

The Lewis Bobbitt family were members of Bristol Parish which covered Prince George County, Virginia. In the Bristol Parish record the birth of the first son of Lewis Bobbitt is recorded.

"Miles Bobbitt, son of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt, born 22nd of January 1731, baptized, April 23, 1732"

This is the only colonial birth record for a member of the Bobbitt family. Lewis Bobbitt was married in 1726 to Elizabeth Moore and had a family of several daughters and three sons. It is likely the Lewis Bobbitt was married in the "Ferry Chapel" of Bristol Parish where his father and mother attended church.

In 1753, Lewis Bobbitt moved from his property in Virginia to join relatives who lived and owned land in North Carolina. The basic reasons for this move are described in "Sunlight on the Southside" by Landon C. Bell.

"Lord Granville's agents were disposing of land in the piedmont region of North Carolina to settlers at the rate of three shillings of proclamation money for six hundred and forty acres of land and also making large free grants on the condition of seating a certain proportion of settlers.

"In time a part or all of the children of some of the first settlers moved on into the newer country. Sometimes they emigrated by families and groups of families, and it would be difficult to find a Southside family which did not sooner or later contribute its quota of sons and daughters to the moving tide of population which flowed on into the south and southwest."

Lewis Bobbitt and his family, as well as the Moore family were part of this emigration into North Carolina.

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