The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt had three sons and at least six daughters who lived to maturity. The sons were:

Miles Bobbitt        born 1731 - died 1794

William Bobbitt    born 1738 - died 1825

Lewis Bobbitt, Jr.  born 1742 - died 1818

We have not researched the ages and dates of birth of the daughters. Amy Bobbitt was the eldest and probably the firstborn child of the family. We do not know the names of all of the daughters. The ones we know are taken from the records.

Amy Bobbitt           married Nimrod Williams

Elizabeth Bobbitt     married Christopher Roberson 

Martha Bobbitt        married William Person, Junior 

Margaret Bobbitt      married William Powell

Unknown                            married John Edwards


Lewis Bobbitt, Jr.    married Mary Person 

Miles Bobbitt         married Mary Powell 

William Bobbitt       married Martha Turner


The children and their descendants lived in Granville, Warren, and Franklin counties. Some of the grandchildren migrated to Tennessee after the war of 1812.

In the year of 1900 there were more descendants of Lewis and Elizabeth Bobbitt living in North Carolina than there were of William and Amy Bobbitt.

Miles Bobbitt lived on or near the ancestoral land that his father received as a land grant in 1753. His share of the land was about 150 acres. Miles never acquired any additional land. He reared his family, lived and died in what is today Warren County.

Lewis Bobbitt Junior moved with his family into Franklin County near the border of Warren County. He apparently retained the land deeded to him by his father until his death in 1818.

William Bobbitt moved his family into Granville County near the border of Franklin County. By the year of 1800 he was living in Franklin County near the present village of Bobbitt, North Carolina. His wife died in 1818 and William went to live with a married daughter in Raleigh, North Carolina where he died in 1825.

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