The Bobbitt Family In America

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Finding all the members of our family in the records of the past that have been preserved and accumulated over the years from 1673 to the present day is not possible. There are footprints without names, and more William Bobbitts than we can find fathers for. There are families that appear in the records and disappear suddenly never to be heard from again. There aye families that can be traced back to a certain point where all of our ancestors once lived and knew one another, but the certain relationships cannot be absolutely documented.

Many of the daughters of Bobbitt families are lost when they married men of other surnames. Many wives are found whose marriages were not recorded outside of their own churches and whose maiden names will never be known with any certainty.

The lack of marriage records in South Carolina has greatly damaged the genealogical findings that would otherwise give a concise picture of the family back to William and Johanna Bobbitt.

Many families hold clues and documents that can tie entire branches of the family together. Once a book is published, many persons will come forth with pertinent information that will clear the way for an entire branch of the family. An old deed, a Bible entry, many old obituaries are the keys to connecting the census records and numerous families. All legends in the family have a as is in fact and are often the tales that uncover many an interesting chapter of family history.

Most of the essential records of Orange County, North Carolina are missing. We know the numerous members of our family who lived there cannot be accurately traced.

Some studies are very frustrating. Solomon Bobbitt of Franklin County, North Carolina, married Honour Wiggins on December 6, 1796. They had one daughter born between 1796 and 1800. They had six sons born to their marriage before 1810. We know the name of the daughter, Barbara, but we cannot find a single record of the sons in later records of any kind. All should have been named in military records or in the census records of 1850.

The process of elimination will eventually chart some members of the family, but never with any genealogical certainty.

When this project started the names looked lost and hopeless. Today many of the names have a history, a personality and an identification. They will now be a part forever of our heritage. Every Bobbitt family has a history, of interest and value to our heritage in the past and our value as a family of the future.

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