The Bobbitt Family In America

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(Taken from an article in one of the Raleigh newspapers)

The first Sunday in August marked the eighteenth gathering of the Bobbitt family which this year was held at the home of Robert A. Bobbitt, coroner of Franklin County, at his home in Louisburg. Mr. and Mrs. Bobbitt were hosts to more than 150 members of the "family" from Halifax, Warren, Nash, Vance, Granville, Person, Wake and Franklin counties, and, in some cases from more distant points. Formerly the meeting was held at the home of E. L. Harris of Inez in Warren County.

A wholesome event it was - members of the "family" who have been faithful attendants at the annual reunion greeted others as faithful. New members got acquainted with regular attendants and vowed never to miss another such gathering. The roll was called of those attending last year, and a surprising few were missing.

Following the invocation by the Rev. J. D. Simons, pastor of the Louisburg Baptist Church, picnic dinner was served from tables on the lawn.

City clerk E. C. Bobbitt of Littleton, commented for the benefit of new members and visitors on the interest shown in the annual gathering and paid tribute to the memory of two who have passed on since the 1937 meeting - James A. Bobbitt of Franklin County and W. T. Sledge of Whiteville. He was followed by R. W. Bobbitt, superintendent of Charlotte County (Virginia) schools, of Keysville. Glenn Bobbitt of Raleigh; James Harris, city manager of Roxboro, and others. Harris commented on the family's rich heritage in the lives of two governors, a Revolutionary War General, and a number of officers of the Civil War, as well as of substantial numbers in the civil life of the State.

Among those present were Louis W. Bobbitt, prominent merchant of Castalia; Sam E. Allen, register of deeds of Warren, County; J. T. Welch manager of the sanitary department, City of Greenville; Mrs. Carl Wester of Henderson; City Manager J. C. Harris of Roxboro; Dr. A. V. Goldiere, professor of French in Davidson College; J. B. Bobbitt, Rocky Mount city alderman, and John Hunter Newell, Creedmore school principal.

Others present were; from Enfield, Mr. and Mrs. B. 0. Bobbitt and children; Whitakers: Mr. and Mrs. George D. Ward and children; Littleton: Mrs. E. C. Bobbitt, Misses Edna and Ula Myrick; Macon: Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. Ellis, 0. D. Ellis, Jr., Miss Alice Ellis, Miss Elizabeth King, Miss Pattie Mustain, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Harris, Mrs. A. V. Goldiere; Warrenton: Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Powell, Miss Carolina Powell, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Welch,

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