The Bobbitt Family In America

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The family of Arthur and Mary (Smelly) Bobbitt was:

Mariah Frances Bobbitt born Nov. 9, 1809

Arthur Bobbitt, Jr.born ... 1810

James Arthur Bobbitt born May. 6, 1815

Eliza Bobbitt born .... 1816

Mary Martha Bobbitt born ... 1821

John Richard Bobbitt born Jan. 5, 1825

Willis Smelly Bobbitt born Mar. 10, 1828

After Mary Bobbitt married, Arthur Bobbitt made his home with his daughter Eliza, who had married a man by the name of Boon. The family was listed as the family of Arthur Bobbitt in the 1850 census of Madison County, Tennessee.

Arthur Bobbitt 74 (1776) North Carolina 

Willis Bobbitt 22 (1828) Tennessee 

Eliza A. Boon 35 (1815) North Carolina 

Laura A. Boon 11 (1839) Tennessee 

Mary W. Boon 11 (1839) Tennessee

Arthur Bobbitt died in Madison County on October 20, 1856.

During my research on this family, I had the good fortune to correspond with J. Richard McLure of Murphysboro, Illinois who is one of the descendants of this family. From his research and notes the following information about the family of Arthur Bobbitt is interesting.

Mariah Frances Bobbitt was born on November 2, 1809 in Warren County, North Carolina. She married Abner Jones, on February 4, 1830 in Jackson, Tennessee. Abner Jones was born June 13, 1809 in Tennessee and was the son of Elijah and Margaret (Fentress) Jones. Their children were; Richard Sugars Jones, Robert Franklin Jones, Pickering Jones, Augustus Jones, Americus Ann Jones, Benton Jones, Emily Paradise Jones (great grandmother of J. Richard McLure), Julia Jones, Artiller Callie Jones, Erasmus Jones, Martha Alice Jones, and Susan Elizabeth Jones. Mariah Frances (Bobbitt) Jones died in Marshall County, Mississippi on April 19, 1877.

James Arthur Bobbitt was born on May 6, 1815 in Warren County, North Carolina. He married Mary Lessenbury who was born in North Carolina on August 13, 1829. James A. Bobbitt died in Henderson County, Tennessee in 1862 and is buried in the Bobbitt cemetery near Bargerton. Their children were; Mary Eliza Bobbitt, Sally Bobbitt, Harriet Bobbitt, Alice Bobbitt, and William Arthur Bobbitt.

Eliza Bobbitt married a man by the name of Jordon B. Boon, we have little information about her family.

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