The Bobbitt Family In America

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ALLEN BOBBITT 1789 - 1848

Son of William and Lively Bobbitt

Allen Bobbitt was the first son of William and Lively (Hight) Bobbitt. His father, William Bobbitt as a widower married for his second wife, Lively Hight, on June 8, 1788, in Granville County, North Carolina. The marriage is recorded. William M. Bobbitt was the bondsman for the marriage. The bond is numbered 2583.

Lively Hight was a daughter of John Hight of Franklin County. William and Lively had two sons, Allen Bobbitt born in 1789 and Archibald Bobbitt born in 1791. The family was listed in the 1800  census of Franklin County. 

William Bobbitt: 

1 male under 10 (1790-1800)                    1 female 45 & over ( -1755) 

1 male 10 - 16 (1784-1790)

1 male 45 & over (....-1755)


William Bobbitt the father of Allen Bobbitt had several children by a previous marriage. The sons of his previous marriage were, Turner Bobbitt, Sion Bobbitt, Solomon Bobbitt, William Bobbitt, Britton Bobbitt, Shadrack Bobbitt and John Bobbitt. The records show that Allen Bobbitt had a contact with most of his half brothers in one way or another.

Allen Bobbitt married Elizabeth Turner, a daughter of Henry Turner, and probably a relative of the first wife of William Bobbitt. Allen was married in Granville County on November 23, 1808. The census records of 1810 show Allen and his wife living with William Bobbitt in Franklin County.

William Bobbitt: 

2 males 16 - 26 (1784-1794)       1 female 16 - 26 (1784-1794)

1 male 45 & over (....-1765)       1 female 45 & over (....-1765)

In this record Allen who was born in 1789 and his wife Elizabeth Turner who was born in 1790 are making their home with Allen's parents. Archibald Bobbitt is the other male at home.

In 1828 there is an interesting deed recorded in Franklin County.

May 22, 1828 - 26/210 Allen Bobbitt to Henry Turner for $1.00, 100 acres joining John Stone, also to Henry Turner, 1 Negro woman and her child, hogs, oxen etc., to secure a debt said Bobbitt owes. September Court 1828, Witnesses: John Hicks, William Gill, Archibald Bobbitt.

Archibald Bobbitt was the brother of Allen Bobbitt. Henry Turner was the father-in-law of Allen Bobbitt. The deeds frequently contain the names of family relatives.

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