The Bobbitt Family In America

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Wilma Johnson and Edith Goodson wrote about Anthony Bobbitt Junior, with records of his marriages in Carrol County Mississippi. They have some records of the family in Anderson and Cherokee Counties of Texas. Mrs. John R. Holcomb wrote this information.

"Tempie (Temperance) or Salana Bobbitt was born April 19, 1818 in North Carolina, and died January 20, 1903 in Cherokee County, Texas. She married William Kellum (Callam) in Alabama. They moved to Texas about 1854 or 1855. William Kellum died in Cherokee County in 1856. On October 19, 1859 Tempie married William A. Wallace, my great grandfather. William A. Wallace died in April 1864. Tempie or Serena and her seven children moved to Houston County Texas. Serena had a brother about ten years older than she, who moved to Houston County. In about 1895 Serena moved back to Cherokee County, where she died in 1903."

From the Montgomery County marriage records, Selina Bobbitt (a common Bobbitt name) married John J. Callam or Kellum, depending on the court clerk. I believe there was another daughter named Temperance (a common Bobbitt name in both the Bobbitt and Dowtain families), who married William Kellum.

John Greer Bobbitt and his family moved to Houston County Texas after a brief stay in Mississippi. There were several Bobbitt families recorded in Houston County Texas between 1860 and the present day.

It seems that the family of Anthony Bobbitt Senior had the following children, who may be identified from the records.

Anthony Bobbitt Junior born 1813 

William Dowtain Bobbitt born 1817 

Temperance Bobbitt born 1818

Selina Bobbitt born 1821

Elizabeth Bobbitt born 1826

Lewis D. Bobbitt born 1828

In time the exchange of correspondents may solve some of the mysteries of the Anthony Bobbitt Senior family.

There is a tax list in Orange County in 1846 which lists an "A. Bobbitt" which I am taking to be Anthony Bobbitt Senior. The name does not appear again in the records. We record the death of Anthony Bobbitt Senior as being in 1847 in Orange County, North Carolina.

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