The Bobbitt Family In America

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Son of Miles and Susan Bobbitt

Alpheus Bobbitt was the third child and second son of Miles and Susan (Gunn) Bobbitt. Alpheus was born in Warren County, North Carolina. The three sons of Miles and Susan Bobbitt were Samuel L. Bobbitt, Alpheus Bobbitt, and Lewis T. Bobbitt. For the period of time in which they were reared, all three sons were remarkably successful in their life's work and marriages. The records show that the three sons were well educated by the time of their marriages and their aid and advice in business and government affairs was sought after by relatives and friends.

By 1860, Samuel and Alpheus Bobbitt were rated among the wealthiest plantation owners in Warren County. Lewis Bobbitt was living in Granville County in 1860 and was rated as one of the wealthiest plantation owners in Granville county. All three men were excellent farmers, managers, and merchants.

Susan (Gunn) Bobbitt died in 1825 when the eldest of her three sons was only nine years of age. Miles Bobbitt married Martha Davis in 1827. Martha (Davis) Bobbitt is credited with much of the education that Samuel, Alpheus, and Lewis received. She is said to have shown exceptional concern for her step-children. Miles and Martha Bobbitt did not have any children of their own.

The first record of Alpheus Bobbitt was recorded in Warren County when Miles Bobbitt purchased 65 acres of land from Bennett Harris. The deed shows who the neighbors of the Miles Bobbitt family were. The deed was dated January 25, 1837.

"Bennett Harris to Miles Bobbitt, both of Warren County. 65 acres of land on Reedy Creek, adjoining, Peter R. Davis, George Haithcock, and others on Grove Hill road, to Lizzy Patterson's spring branch. (DB-27, page 158, Warren County.) 

Witnesses: Gideon M. Green, Alpheus Bobbitt.

Alpheus was twenty years of age when he acted as a witness to this deed.

On September 16, 1839, Alpheus Bobbitt married Julia Ann Sledge, a daughter of John Sledge. The marriage is recorded in Franklin County. Julia Ann Sledge was previously married to Henry P. Sledge, a first cousin, in Franklin County on December 15, 1838. We do not know whether the marriage was later dissolved or that Henry P. Sledge died. Julia Ann Bobbitt died shortly after the birth of Edwin Bobbitt who was born in November of 1867. On December 9, 1869, Alpheus Bobbitt married Nancy H. Griffin in Franklin County.

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