The Bobbitt Family In America

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After his marriage in 1839 to Julia Ann Sledge, Alpheus worked as a paid manager on the plantation of John Sledge, and apparently was a paid worker on the plantation of his father, Miles Bobbitt. On March 24, 1842, Miles Bobbitt sold part of his land holdings to his son, Alpheus. It was a strictly business sale, with the land being priced at current market value.

"Miles Bobbitt to Alpheus Bobbitt, both from Warren County, 125 acres of land for $ 500.00. Land in Warren County along Sommerville's line from the road and along Dukes line, up the branch to the road near Miles Bobbitt's fence and along the road that leads to Warrenton. Witness: Samuel Bobbitt. (DB-28, P.402.)

On January 29, 1842 Henry D. Martin sold to Alpheus Bobbitt 145 acres of land on the south side of Reedy Creek, land that adjoined the above land purchased from Miles Bobbitt. In 1842 Alpheus Bobbitt had a plantation of 170 acres on which he built his home and reared his family.

Alpheus Bobbitt was the father of ten children, all of whom lived to maturity. The first nine children were born to Julia Ann Bobbitt, and one child was born to Nancy H. Bobbitt.

William Henry Bobbitt born Feb. 1841 

Miles Bobbitt born Oct. 1843

Susan Gunn Bobbitt born .... 1847 

Martha E. (Pat) Bobbitt born .... 1850

James Alpheus Bobbitt born Nov. 1857

Julia Ann Bobbitt born 1852

John A. Bobbitt born 1860

Lucy Bobbitt born 1864

Edwin Bobbitt born Nov. 1867

Charles Peter Bobbitt born Oct. 1870

Robert Winston Crews furnished a list of the marriages of the children. All the children were married, and their marriages are recorded in Warren, Franklin, Granville, and McDowell counties.

William Henry Bobbitt m. Winfred C. Fleming 

Miles Bobbitt m. Mary Christian Sledge

Susan Gunn Bobbitt m. James Alfred Welch 

Martha E. (Pat) Bobbitt m. Robert Johnson

James Alpheus Bobbitt m. Eliza Perry

Julia Ann Bobbitt m. Dock Davis

John A. Bobbitt m. Hilda Noblett

Lucy Bobbitt m. Jack Winston

Edwin Bobbitt m. (1) Tempie Battle, 2 later ms.

Charlie Peter Bobbitt m. Elizabeth Edwards

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