The Bobbitt Family In America

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The children of Alexander and Zerilda (Huff) Bobbitt were:

Maude G. Bobbitt born Jan. 10, 1882

Leona G. Bobbitt born mar. 9, 1883

Chilton Wm. Bobbitt born Sep. 15, 1886

Luster E. Bobbitt born Apr. 11, 1888

Mary Agnes Bobbitt born Sep. 3, 1891

Elmer E. Bobbitt born Dec. 18, 1894

Mabel Hattie Bobbitt born Jun. 8, 1896

Lillian P. Bobbitt born Jul. 16, 1898


The children without exception were intelligent, well educated, strong in character, and had outstanding personalities. All were accomplished in various fields, but particularly education.

William Chilton Bobbitt married Alta Heaton. They had no children.

Luster Bobbitt married William Rollyson. They had three children, Bernadine G., Beatrice G., and William R. Rollyson.

Mary Agnes Bobbitt married William Rogers. They had three children, Billy, Anita, and Gladys Rogers.

Lillian Bobbitt married Harold W. Smith. They had one son, Richard Smith.

Mabel Hattie Bobbitt married H. Glen Fortney. They had two sons,William Fortney, and Ronald Fortney.

Elmer E. Bobbitt married Katherine Heatherman. They had no children.

When the youngest child, Lillian Bobbitt, was thirty years of age, Zerilda Bobbitt died on March 5, 1928 in Cowen, West Virginia.

Alexander Bobbitt served as Deputy Sheriff of Nicholas County for several terms and in 1900 was elected Sheriff for two terms. In 1922 he moved from Nicholas County to Webster County where he was active in many endeavors. In a biography written about Alexander W. Bobbitt in the "History of West Virginia" it states the following.

"His activities have included constructive alliance with farm Industry, and he is prominently identified with banking interests in this section of the state. In his home town of Cowen, he is a director of the First National Bank, he is president of the Lanesbottom Bank at Camden. He is a stockholder in the Nicholas County Bank and is a director of the Kanawha Wholesale Grocery Company at Burnsville, Braxton County."

"Mr. Bobbitt has been active in furthering the local success of the democratic party, served as sheriff of Nicholas County two terms, besides having been for two terms deputy sheriff of that county and is now deputy sheriff of Webster County. Both he and his wife are members of the Baptist Church."

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