The Bobbitt Family In America

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In 1977 The South Magazine published an essay article about Francis Olley Bobitt. Several persons who knew that I was interested in Bobbitt family history sent me copies of the article and ask if I knew the lineage of Francis Olley Bobitt. With the help of some members of his family, Jane E. Bobitt, and Joyce Bobbitt Miller, we have established the following lineage for Francis Olley Bobitt.

WILLIAM BOBBETT from Wales 1649 - 1703 (Anna Sturdivant)

JOHN BOBBITT from Chowan, N.C 1678 - 1736 (Sarah Green) 

WILLIAM BOBBITT SR 1704 - 1768 (Amy Bennett)

JOHN RICHARD BOBBITT 1725 - 1791 (Amy Alston) 

WILLIAM BOBBITT 1761 - 1839 (Susannah James) 

WILLIAM BOBBITT 1793 - 1857 (Margaret Bartus ??) 

PRESSLEY BARTUS BOBITT 1833 - 1862 (Martha C. Cobb)

ALEXANDER PRESSLEY BOBITT 1855 - 1925 (Cornelia Jane Stokes) 

FRANCIS OLLEY BOBITT 1895 - (Maudie Jane Tipton)

Francis Olley Bobitt was born to farming. His father, Alexander P. Bobitt ran a cotton plantation across the road from the present home of Francis and his wife. They have reared eight children on land in a county where their ancestors have lived since 1828. His great-great grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and his grandfather, Pressley Bartus Bobitt died in service for the Confederate States of America. He and his wife have lived to enjoy twenty grandchildren and twenty four great-grandchildren.

Nations search for and hope that most of their citizens will be like Francis Olley Bobitt. Hard work and a firm faith in God, inspired by a positive purpose of life, give quality to the persons that make the pages of history that we can all be proud of.

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