The Bobbitt Family In America

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Son of Lewis and Ellen Bobbitt

Aquilla Armistead Bobbitt was born in Monroe County, Virginia (now West Virginia) near the county seat of Union. He was the first child of Lewis Hamilton Bobbitt and Ellen (Ross) Bobbitt. Aquilla was born on June 28, 1858. His grandfather was Gibson Bobbitt and his great- grandfather was John Bobbitt of Pittsylvania County who migrated to Monroe County about 1828.

Aquilla was reared in Monroe County among numerous Bobbitt family relatives and Ross family relatives. The Ross family was unusually wealth), which gave Aquilla every educational opportunity. Even as a young ran Aquilla was considered handsome, very personable, and a man of strong character.

The family was listed in the 1860 census of Monroe County as family # 816.

Lewis H. Bobbitt 24 (1836) Virginia 

Ellen (Ross) Bobbitt 30 (1830) Virginia 

Aquilla Bobbitt 2 (1858) Virginia 

Caroline Bobbitt (sister) 16 (1844) Virginia

For some reason Ocie Bobbitt who was born in December 1859 was not listed in the above census record. Aquilla and Ocie were the only two children in the family who lived to maturity.

On September 24, 1884, Aquilla Bobbitt married Elizabeth D. Hanna of Greenbrier County. I am not certain when Lewis Hamilton Bobbitt died but believe it was shortly before Aquilla and his wife moved from West Virginia to Adair, Illinois in 1893. Aquilla and his family were listed in the 1900 census records of McDonough County, Illinois near the township of New Salem.

Aquilla A. Bobbitt Jun. 1858 41 Virginia 

Lizzie D. (Hanna) Bobbitt Sep. 1865 34 West Virginia 

Herbert Bobbitt Aug. 1885 14 West Virginia 

Ross H. Bobbitt Dec. 1886 13 West Virginia 

Mary E. Bobbitt May. 1888 12 West Virginia 

Manna A. Bobbitt Nov. 1890 9 West Virginia 

Nellie E. Bobbitt Feb. 1892 8 West Virginia

Newman A. Bobbitt Apr. 1894 6 Illinois

In August of 1917, Aquilla moved to Macomb Illinois. There he was a member of the Methodist church having had a continuous membership of over 65 years. He died at the home in Macomb on December 26, 1945 at the age of 87 years, 5 months, and 28 days.

According to his obituary his wife Elizabeth D. Bobbitt survived him.

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They had seven children: Herbert S. Bobbitt, Nellie E. Bobbitt, Mary Elosia Bobbitt, Mannah A. Bobbitt, Neuman W. Bobbitt, Ross H. Bobbitt, Ava Oscie Bobbitt.

At the time of his death Aquilla was survived by his brother Ocie L. Bobbitt of Huntington, West Virginia. He was survived by five grandchildren; Elizabeth Canterbury, John A. K. Bobbitt, Marjorie Roderick, Robert Ray Reedy, and Peggy Ann Reedy. There was four great-grand children; Lynn Canterbury, Susan Canterbury, David Roderick, and Stephen Roderick.

Numerous Bobbitt families and related families in Illinois are descendants of Aquilla and Elizabeth Bobbitt.

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