The Bobbitt Family In America

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BUTE COUNTY TAX LISTS OF 1771           North Carolina Bobbitt Family

The Bute County tax list was taken of land owners who lived in territory that is in present day, Warren, Franklin, and Vance, counties. It does not include the Bobbitt family members who were living in Orange, and Granville, counties.

List of Henry Yarbough:

John Bobbitt, 2 white males, 1 black male. 

List of Colonel Person

Drury Bobbitt, and negro Tom, 1 white, and 1 black male. 

John Bobbitt, and sons, Stephen, Isham, 3 white males.

Negroes, Okey, Lacy, Ned, Jimmy, 4 black. 

List of Thomas Turner:

Lewis Bobbitt Junior, 1 white male.

William Bobbitt, 1 white male. 

Miles Bobbitt, 1 white male.

John Bobbitt in the list of Henry Yarbough was a son of John Richard Bobbitt. John was married to Sarah (Jones) Williams and listed with him was his step-son, John Williams.

In the list of Colonel Person, Drury Bobbitt was a son of John Richard Bobbitt. Drury Bobbitt had no sons over 16 years of age in 1771. John Richard Bobbitt was listed with his two unmarried sons, who were over 16, Stephen and Isham Bobbitt. His other sons were under 16 years of age, and not taxable.

The list of Thomas Turner has all the members of the Lewis Bobbitt family. All the sons were born before 1750 and none of those listed had any sons over 16 years of age. Lewis Bobbitt Senior died in 1769 and is not listed.

Only two other members of the mature Bobbitt family of North Carolina are missing from the above list. William Bobbitt Senior, and his son, William Bobbitt Junior are recorded as living in Orange County in 1771. William Bobbitt Senior was the father of John Richard and William Bobbitt.

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