The Bobbitt Family In America

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North Carolina took a state census of the population of each county during the years of 1784 thru 1787. The census records for the counties of Orange, and Franklin are missing. The two counties important to our studies are listed below. The originals are in the North Carolina State Archives.

Named head of         Males 21-60           Males under 21        Females              slaves

household:                born 1726-1765     born 1765-1786        all ages               all ages


Lewis Bobbitt      1           5             4            12 

Miles Bobbitt      2           2             6            10 

Stephen Bobbitt    1           4             2            12 

Drury Bobbitt      2           2             7            25 

John Bobbitt       0*          1             1            17 

William Bobbitt    1           1             1            7



William Bobbitt    1           5             3            9

*John Richard Bobbitt was over 60 years of age in 1786. He was born in 1725 and died in 1791. The male living with him was his grandson, John Bobbitt, a son of Randolph Bobbitt who was living in Franklin County.

William Bobbitt listed in Warren County was a son of John Bobbitt. He was born in 1761 and married in 1784. The William Bobbitt listed in Granville County was a son of Lewis Bobbitt, Sr.

Miles and Lewis Bobbitt listed in Warren County were brothers. The others listed in Warren County were sons of John Richard Bobbitt.

Family members who are missing were listed in Franklin and Orange counties and those records are lost.

A comparison of the 1771 Bute county tax lists, and the 1786 census, with the federal census of 1790 and 1800 gives a good accounting of the Bobbitt family of North Carolina.

By 1786, Isham Bobbitt was living in South Carolina. Jacob Bobbitt was in Wilkes County, Georgia. All the other descendants of William Bobbitt from Wales were living in Virginia or North Carolina.

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