The Bobbitt Family In America

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In the will of John Bobbitt of Chowan, he mentions his son, Thomas Bobbitt, and his three daughters, Frances, Mary, and Amy. The other son was his "first born son, William Bobbitt". These are the children who lived to maturity. The mention of Thomas Bobbitt is the first mention of this name in the colonial records of the Bobbitt family. Robert Green qualified as one of the witnesses to the will of John Bobbitt of Chowan in 1736. From the records we calculate the family of John and Sarah Bobbitt as:

William Bobbitt   born 1704

Thomas Bobbitt    born 1708

Frances Bobbitt   born 1710

Mary Bobbitt      born 1715 

Amy Bobbitt       born 1718

After the death of John Bobbitt of Chowan, Thomas, Mary, and Amy returned to Virginia to live with their relatives who had been left behind when the family moved to North Carolina. Mary and Amy were not married by 1740. After 1740 Amy Bobbitt married Peter Threewitts, Mary married a Sturdivant, probably a first cousin once removed. Thomas married first Mary Hill, and secondly Lucy Jones. Thomas died in Virginia in 1759.

Frances married John Massey in 1728 or 1729 and the North Carolina records show that the Bobbitt and Massey family had close relationship for many of the years between 1729 and 1770.

John Bobbitt of Chowan named Robert Green and John Massey as two of the executors for his will. Both men qualified when the will was presented to the court. In 1736 when John Bobbitt sold 300 acres of his land to Barraby Melton, the land was adjacent to Zekiah Messee, deceased. John Massey was the executor for his father's will, and his father was Hezekiah Massey, the neighbor of John Bobbitt.

Irene Perry McGown a Massey descendant sent me the will of John Massey. The wife of John Massey was named Frances, and their children were named Amey, Frances, Elizabeth, and Sarah. The sons were named William Massey and John Massey Junior. There is no doubt that the Frances named as the wife of John Massey was the Frances Bobbitt who was the daughter of John and Sarah Bobbitt. Both the Massey and the Bobbitt families went to North Carolina from Charles City County in Virginia, and both families were members of the Bristol Parish and attended the "Ferry Chapel" of that parish.

The will of John Massey was written and recorded in Bute County on the eleventh day of March 1777. This quote is taken from the will.

"Item: I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Frances Massey all the residue, that is to say, a negro wench named Rachel and her child, as also my stock of all kinds, and household furniture...

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