The Bobbitt Family In America

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By the year of 1800 there was a large number of members of the Bobbitt family living in North Carolina. They were all related and had a 'knowledge of their relationship. There was numerous family connections with other well known families of the area. There are only 14 recorded marriages before the year of 1800.

Amey Bobbitt to Minrod Williams Mar. 9, 1762 Granville Co.

     Robert Williams, Wit. Daughter of Lewis Bobbitt

Rebecca Bobbitt to Randolph Felts Apr. 1, 1778 Bute Co. 

          Nathaniel Harris, Wit. 

Charity Bobbitt to Benjamin Johnson Jan. 29, 1781 Granville Co. 

          William Bobbitt, Wit. 

William Bobbitt to Susannah James May. 15, 1784 Warren Co. 

          George James, M.D. Johnson Wit. 

Amerilla Bobbitt to William Right Oct. 3, 1785 Granville Co. 

          Isham Johnson, Wit. 

William Bobbitt to Lively Hight Jun. 8, 1788 Granville Co. 

          Wm. M. Bobbitt, Wit. 

John Bobbitt to Patience Harris Jan. 16, 1789 Warren Co. 

          Lend Kimbel, Wit. 

Sarah Bobbitt to William Brown Mar. 1. 1790 Franklin Co. 

          James X Shelt (Shelton?) G. Hill 

Amey Bobbitt to William T. Emberson Mar. 27, 1792 Warren Co. 

          Oliver Grisson, Wit. 

Sally Bobbitt to John E. Harris May. 16, 1795 Warren Co. 

          John Edgerton and J. Moss 

John Bobbitt to Elizabeth Darden Mar. 19, 1796 Warren Co. 

          Sherwood Green and M. D. Johnson, Wit. 

Solomon Bobbitt to Honour Wiggins Dec. 6, 4796 Franklin Co. 

          Benjamin Eaves, G. Hill 

Temperance Bobbitt to Anthony Dowtain Sep. 30, 1798 Warren Co. 

          Mathew M. Duke, Wit. 

Holly Bobbitt to William Burrow Dec. 15, 1798 Warren Co. 

          David W. Newell

These are the marriages recorded in the various Court Houses by the government. Other marriages recorded by churches, have not been listed here.

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