The Bobbitt Family In America

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BOBBITT FAMILY MARRIAGES           1800 - 1850           North Carolina Bobbitt Families

Marriages were recorded in various county court houses for 34 males and 42 females between the year of 1800 and the year of 1850. The marriages listed here are in date order. Most of the bondsmen were relatives of the grooms. (-B is for bondsmen, -W is for witnesses, and -C is for county clerk.)

Harris Bobbitt to Partheny Harris Mar. 11, 1801 Warren Co. 

          Joel Harris-B 

Obedience Bobbitt to William Johnston Apr. 27, 1803 Orange Co. 

          Willie Mangum,-B Jno.Taylor-W. 

Britton Bobbitt to Fanny Finch Nov. 21, 1803 Franklin Co. 

          Hight Finch-B, GHill Jr.-C-W 

Mary Bobbitt to Zachariah S Jan. 6, 1804 Warren Co. 

          Joseph Shearin-B, MDuke Johnson-W 

Drury Bobbitt to Rebecca Burrow Dec. 26, 1804 Warren Co. 

          John Gardner-B, M. D. Johnson-C. 

Betsey Bobbitt to John Haithcock Feb. 19, 1805 Warren Co. 

          Higdon Moore-B, MJohnson-W 

Arthur Bobbitt to Mary Smelly Jan. 04, 1809 Warren Co. 

          Joel Harris-B, JC. Johnson,-C. 

James Bobbitt to Polly Gunn Feb. 10, 1809 Warren Co. 

          Abraham CM. Duke Johnson-W 

William Bobbitt to Winny Bennett Jan. 19, 1810 Warren Co. 

          Robert Moore-B, JC. Johnson-W

Arthur Bobbitt to Dicie Duke May. 7, 1811 Granville Co. 

          John Hunt-B 

Rebecca Bobbitt to Hilleary Capps Oct. 1, 1811 Warren Co. 

          James K. Clark-B, Jno. H. Green-W

Polly Bobbitt to Miles Ellis Feb. 04, 1813 Warren Co. 

          Abraham CThos. Allin-B 

Amy Bobbitt to John Lancaster Feb. 17, 1813 Warren Co. 

          Peter R. Davis-B, JH. Green-W 

Joshua Bobbitt to Patsy Hairhcock Feb. 19, 1813 Warren Co. 

          Wm. Bobbitt-B, WmGreen-C-W 

Green Bobbitt to Barbara Finch Jun. 8, 1813 Granville Co. 

          William Browning or Bowing-B

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