The Bobbitt Family In America

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Military records show that members of the Bobbitt family served in every major call made by their country. There are positive records of many Bobbitt men who served in the Revolutionary War. There are many of the right age to serve who dropped from the records and undoubtedly gave their lives for the beginning of a government that their descendants have served through the ages to the present time.

The lists that follow are taken from positive records in the National Archives. The lists are made through the War between the States. Later volumes may list the numerous soldiers of the family who served in the Spanish American War, World War One and World War Two. The Korean and Vietnam conflicts and the numerous military skirmishes all had their Bobbitt soldiers.

Many of the individual chapters list the records and the experiences of some of the Bobbitt men who served their country at various points in the history of our country. Several hundred copies of pension records, military service records, and documented state records were made and arranged in note books for use in the writing of individual chapters. The chapters on Bobbitt men who served in the services would make a volume of considerable size and hopefully a book of their services will be printed one day.

During the War between the States Bobbitt men who served were essentially "Confederate Soldiers". Many of their cousins had moved into territories that were Union and they served with unblemished records according to the needs of the communities they lived in.

We would like to think that all Bobbitt soldiers are remembered and that their service and sacrifices are appreciated. We think that it is important to have at least heard their names no matter what the hand of time has obliterated. Each and every Bobbitt should at least have heard of those Bobbitt soldiers who were recorded as having served in the Revolutionary War that began our government and country.

John Bobbitt of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. 

John Bobbitt of Sussex County, Virginia 

Isham Bobbitt of Warren County, North Carolina 

William Bobbitt of Warren County, North Carolina 

William Bobbitt of Sussex County, Virginia 

Sherwood Bobbitt of Halifax County, North Carolina 

Lewis Bobbitt of Granville County, North Carolina Capt. 

William Bobbitt of Montgomery County, Virginia

We have tried to locate the graves or area of burial of each of the patriots and place a marker for our American heritage and for our family heritage. Several have been marked and others will be as time passes and research is more complete. We hope that in addition to the engraved stone and bronze, the written word will have found a place in our minds and hearts.

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