The Bobbitt Family In America

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WAR BETWEEN THE STATES     1860-1864          Bobbitt Family Records

The lists here are compiled from records held in the National Archives in Washington, D. C. Some records are duplicated where a person served in one or more branches at different times. The Bobbitt family is essentially a southern Confederate family and even the 25 or 30 soldiers who served on the Union side, were all born in southern states.

The division of BABBITTS AND BOBBITTS follows NORTH AND SOUTH traditions. Babbitt families were from the North and served in the armies of the Union. Bobbitt families were from the South and for the most part served in the armies of the Confederacy.

Before the war, many Bobbitt families had given up slavery for religious reasons. Many families in order to avoid the war had moved west to Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Illinois. The war between the States could not be avoided.

Bobbitt Confederate soldiers served from the following states; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Bobbitt Union soldiers served from the following states; Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

The compiled military service records consist of cards on which, the U. S. War Department, between 1903 and 1927, abstracted information on officers, noncomissioned officers, and enlisted men, from Union Prison and parole records and from captured and other surviving Confederate records, such as muster rolls, returns, rosters, payrolls, appointment books, and hospital registers. Not all soldiers were recorded, but the lists for the Bobbitt family is astonishing in that 163 different listing are recorded.



William H. Bobbitt, Private Co. E. lst Batalion Hillards Legion of Alabama Volunteers 

F. W. Bobbitt,      Corporal Co. D. 12th Alabama Infantry 

William Bobbitt,    Private Co. C. 40th Alabama Infantry 

Wiley J. Bobbitt,   Private Co. L. 6th Alabama Infantry 

J. J. Bobbitt,      Private Co. A. 35th Alabama Infantry 

Bartus P. Bobbitt,  Private Co. B. 41 Alabama Infantry 

James M. Bobbitt,   Private Co. F. 3rd Alabama Infantry 

J. H. Bobbitt,      Private Co. C. 1st Alabama Infantry 

J. H. Bobbitt,      Private Co. K. 26th (O'Neals) Alabama Infantry 

Morgan L. Bobbitt,  Private Co. F. 3rd Alabama Infantry 

Thomas B. Bobbitt,  Private 54th Alabama Infantry 

W. A. Bobbitt,      Private Co. K. 41st Alabama Infantry

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