The Bobbitt Family In America

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When one considers the number of children John and Mariah had lost to death and then John losing Mariah at an early period of his life, he must have felt helpless in trying to hold the family together and caring for them. The 1850 census of Kenton County, Kentucky taken on September 14, 1850.

Fountain Young         35 1815 Kentucky 

Martha (Bobbitt) Young 32 1818 Kentucky sister of John 

Jane Young             8 1842 Kentucky 

Ann Young              6 1844 Kentucky 

James Young            4 1846 Kentucky 

William Young           3 1847 Kentucky 

Mary Young             1 1849 Kentucky 

John Young           1/12 1850 Kentucky 

VIRGIL BOBBITT         13 1837 Kentucky son of John W.


Virgil is living with the half sister of John Bobbitt, not too far away is the family of Gazner Bobbitt where John and James are living. In nearby Boone County, Kentucky the census was taken on August 7, 1850, note family # 116.

John Arnold            41 1809 Kentucky 

Eliza (Bobbitt) Arnold 36 1814 Kentucky sister of John 

A. L. Arnold            9 1841 Kentucky 

C. U. Arnold            6 1844 Kentucky 

A. P. Arnold            3 1847 Kentucky 

J. S. Arnold             1 1849 Kentucky 

ELIZA BOBBITT          11 1839 Kentucky daughter of John W. 

ELY BOBBITT            9 1841 Kentucky son of John W.


In 1851 John Bobbitt met and married Emaline Lile. They were married on August 3, 1851 in Kentucky and probably in Kenton County, although I have not found the marriage recorded outside of the family Bible records furnished to me by James T. Bobbit of Lovington, Illinois.

Emaline Lile Bobbit was born November 4, 1825 in Greencastle Kentucky, north of Bowling Green (Warren County).

From 1851 till about 1859, John and Emaline reared the younger children of John Bobbitt and during those years had five children of their own. In 1859 the talk of the war between the states had created many industries and jobs in Missouri. Many families of the east joined caravans and moved their families to various sections of Missouri. John and Emaline Bobbitt along with their family moved to Ralls County, Missouri.

The family was first counted in the 1860 census as living in Saline Township, Sydney Post Office. No one was counted with or near the family except John his wife Emeline, and their five children. The 1870 census is the most interesting.

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