The Bobbitt Family In America

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Ralls County Missouri is on the Illinois border. Later the family would go from west to east in Illinois to Shelby County. The 1870 census of Ralls County, Missouri counted John and his family along with two of his children who had joined them by the time of this census.

John Bobbet           64 1806 Kentucky 

Emeline (Lile) Bobbet 45 1825 Kentucky 

Eliza Bobbet          30 1840 Kentucky - daughter of John W. 

Samuel Bobbet         18 1852 Kentucky Bobbit's first marriage 

Isabella Bobbet       16 1854 Kentucky 

Lewis H. Bobbet       15 1855 Kentucky 

Juliett 0. Bobbet     13 1857 Missouri 

George N. Bobbet      11 1859 Missouri 

Perry Bobbet           2 1868 Missouri


Living near to John Bobbet and his family was Ely Bobbitt.

E. Bobbet       28 1842 Kentucky 

Mary Bobbet     20 1850 Virginia


The family of John and Emaline Bobbit according to census and Bible records is as follows. The surname in this family has been spelled all the numerous ways that Bobbitt family members are used to . By 1870 the name of this family was Bobbet, by 1880 it was being spelled as Bobbit and descendants to this day use the name with only one "t".

Samuel Lile Bobbit          born May. 12, 1852 Boone Co. Ky. 

Margaret Isabella Bobbit    born Jul. 17, 1853 Boone Co. Ky.

Louis W. Bobbit            born Oct. 1, 1854 Boone Co. Ky.

Juliet 0. Bobbit           born Oct. 21, 1856 Ralls Co. Mo. 

George Northcut Bobbit      born Jan. 31, 1859 Ralls Co. Mo. 

Perry M. Bobbit            born Nov. 1, 1867 Ralls Co. Mo. 

Fannie Bell Bobbit          born Aug. 18, 1870 Ralls Co. Mo.


The family moved from Missouri about 1875 and first resided in the township of Dora, Moultrie County, Illinois. The family was counted in the 1880 census of Moultrie County.

The 1880 census is the first census to request that each person state where their parents were born. John Bobbitt and his brother Gazner Bobbitt both stated that their father and mother were born in the state of Virginia.

Note that the year of birth calculated in census records may be off by one year more or less depending on when the census was taken, and the birth date of the person who was listed. Census records are not totally accurate as sometimes the person who listed the information was not accurately informed. A comparison of one or more census records often helps to solve a problem.

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