The Bobbitt Family In America

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MOULTRIE COUNTY, ILLINOIS Dora Twp. Vol. 43, E.D. 166, P.14, L.1-1880

John Bobbit            73 1807 Kentucky 

Emoline W. Bobbit      53 1827 Kentucky 

Rouse, C. A.           33 1847 Kentucky Son-in-law 

Julia M.(Bobbit) Rouse 23 1857 Missouri Daughter 

M. I. Bobbit           26 1854 Kentucky Margaret Isabella 

L. N. Bobbit           25 1855 Kentucky Louis W. 

G. N. Bobbit           21 1859 Missouri George N. 

Rouse, N. B.            1 1879 Illinois Grand-daughter


John Bobbitt died on September 25, 1891, age 85 years, 3 months, and 20 days. He was buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, in Shelby County Illinois. The cemetery is located five miles south on State route 128, 2 miles west of Dalton City and 1/2 mile south. His grave is marked with a large flower urn.

Emoline Lile Bobbitt died on February 26, 1900 at the home of her son Perry Bobbit. Emoline was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery, Mt. Zion, Illinois, Macon County. The roads were to bad to take her body to be buried with her husband at Prairie Home Cemetery. John was to be moved to Mt. Zion, but he was never moved.

An abstract from a Dalton City, Illinois newspaper gave this account of the death of Emoline Lile Bobbit.

Emaline Lile Bobbit was born at Greencastle, Kentucky on November 4, 1825, and died at Dalton City, Illinois February 26th, 1900.

She was married to John Bobbit in Kentucky, August 3, 1851. To this union there were six children born, four of whom are still living. One daughter, Juliet, Mrs. C. A. Rouse, died two weeks ago in Dalton City. Mr. Bobbit her husband, died some twelve years ago.

Mrs. Bobbit has resided in this locality the past 25 years and was dearly beloved by all who were fortunate enough to be acquainted with her. The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church in this city on Wednesday, by Rev. Malcolm, pastor of the church, after which the funeral went by train to Mt. Zion where the interment took place.

James T. Bobbit, a descendant has given this account of each of the children of John and Emaline Bobbit.

Samuel Lile Bobbit, born May 12, 1852, was married after the  family moved to Illinois. He married Ollie and they hadtwo children, Everett Bobbitt and Pearl Bobbitt. Samuel Lile Bobbitt died on March 23, 1889, 36 years, 10 months,  and 11 days of age.

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